1st Time Cuckold

My wife Sharon is a tiny little thing, barely 4'8" and 93 pounds. He figure is close to perfect for her size, she is a beautiful little doll like woman.
I had this crazy urge to share her, I struggled against the idea out of fear she would get angry, perhaps even leave me.
Then one day while we were having a few drinks I blurted it out, also told her I was sorry, I couldn't help it and it just would never happen.
She smiled, rubbed my arm and told me that if we ever found the right person, she wouldn't mind doing that for me.
We than talked, she asked me if I wanted to watch or just have her come home to me and tell me about it.
That was rather intense, and we made love that night with a passion like we never had before. Just the idea was a total turnon for me.
In the cold sober light of the next day I was embarrassed, and I apologized again for even mentioning it. She just laughed, kissed me and went in to fix dinner.
Over dinner, she asked me if Nathan would do. Nathan is the trainer at the gym she goes to, young guy about 25 or so, a bit of a body builder type. I instantly flushed, I knew exactly what she meant. I managed to stammer out that might be OK, and that it would be up to her.
Over a month went by, nothing more said, when she told me that Friday night she had invited Nathan over for dinner. Another full flush, I was close to instantly erect.
I asked her how she planned to seduce him, she told me she had already told him the situation and he was up for it.
Friday arrived, we had a nice deal and retired to the living room with some wine. Sharon sat on the couch next to him, I was in my recliner. They began to touch, then neck, he began to remover her clothing like I was not even there.
Finally with them both naked, I could see compared to me he was enormous, close to twice my size. It popped into my head that no way would that ever fit in her, but it did, and a watched as Sharon was on top, my view was perfect.
He lasted a good 15 minutes, then rested and we talked, then he did it again, him on top this time.
After he finally left, I reclaimed her. Later she told me "Thank you, honey, that was very nice."
Since then I have asked her if they do that when she goes for her training sessions, she says no. She did ask me if I wanted to invite him over again, I told her I was not sure. It is a turnon, but there is also jealousy mixed in there, so I am not sure. Time will tell.

2 months ago


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    • You need to invite him over again and ask him to bring a friend or two. Then you can watch all of them fuck your wife before you reclaim her. My wife has three guys that come over to our house every Saturday and she has started to do all three of them at once.

    • To spice up our sex life we tried a threesome with me my wife and another women. It was hot. Then we invited over another man for a threesome. I found out a like to see the wife get fucked by others more than a FMF get together. So now when she is in the mood its always MFM or MMFMM. She loves to get banged.

    • Ho hum. Same old 'my wife' story line.

    • Go for it let her bring him home and others too. Also let her enjoy it and you should enjoy it as well

    • Wow send me a picture of her. Jerrybob1221@yahoo.com

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