Unexpected Doings

I've been laid by guys horny for me. My recent fella is three years older than me and endowed. I'm 18 and he can satisfy me well. He con me into a bi sexual act with a girlfriend of mine with us wearing strap-on as he watched and tugged his dick. I introduced grandma to him. She's 61 and and looks and dresses younger with make up on. My fella told me I be looking like my grandma when I'm her age.
We was visiting grandma when she sent me out on an errand. When I came back she was sitting on a chair nude, legs apart getting her old hairy vaginal filled with my fella's dick. It was interesting to see her getting humped. "Dirty grandma! " I said and laughed and looked on. Then my fella said, "I could not resist your grandmother after she gave me a blow job." Then my grandmother told me she always desired doing younger. "Even girls like me? " I asked as she put her hand between my legs and fingered my shaven slit.
Then after he pulled out and covered her hairy pussy with cum, he told me, he and grandma wanted me to put on the big black toy that she has and watch me hump her hairy big lip loose vagina with it. I removed my clothes and put on the fake black dick and guided it slowly in her wet cunt pulling in those sloppy huge lips into her with with that fat toy.
My fella stood by close, masturbating his cock to grandma's face as she pinched the nipples on my torpedo shape tits. "Sexy hot looking breasts you have dear! " she told me as my nipples stiffened. I knew she climaxed when she squeezed my tits and lifted her ass off the chair.
My fella humped grandma often. She told me I'm lucky to have a fella with a good functional cock.

25 days ago

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    • And this is why I thank God for Margaret Sanger, think how many MORE retarded people there’d be if we hadn’t aborted them. Too bad we didn’t get this one ☝️!!

    • I love this arrangement and cooperation. The family that fuck together, stays together

    • Fuck you wetnhorny You ain't fooling anyone dude! Get the fuck out of here sick fuck!

    • Fucking illiterate as hell. If your gonna post a fake story, at least make it readable. Starts every other sentence with 'my fella' and 'I be'. Probably from the projects from the sound of it.

    • I’d buttfuck a project bitch on a Monday if there was nothing else to do

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