Gf's sister

Gfs sister is such a slut but she also has the ass and body that make men beg for it she is ugly as shit but oh man she knows how to work her curves I think if she was drunk enough that she would happily take my cock without even thinking twice about it what am I to do?

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  • Throw a bag over her head and fuck the shit out of her. Girl from my old hometown was like that. Hell of a body, great tits and ass, long, sexy hair, fit legs, and uglier than a winter rainstorm face. Didn't help that she had crooked teeth, either, but damn the body on her was built for repetitive fucking. Guys would take her to parties, get her drunk, and fuck her in the dark just so they didn't need to see her face. It wasn't nice, but true. A body like hers had no business being on such an awful face.

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Stop surfing the internet when you should be learning grammar. Capitalization, punctuation, sentence structure -- syntax matters.

  • First get off your mommas couch and get a GF and treat her right!

  • Get her drunk

  • What do she look like. Send me a picture.

  • Check your email jerrybob

  • Ask your girlfriend what she thinks, she should know her sister pretty well.

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