How I shared my Asian wife for the first time

My wife is 5’6” and 115 lbs. She has a small bust and dark nipples. He pussy is small and tight. Sometimes I make her go get a Brazilian wax so every inch of her pussy can be completely exposed.

She is quite independent and confident. I always wished she would be more naughty and sexually submissive.

I started having desires of exposing and sharing. I started by sending pictures of her naked to random strangers and it would excite me when they would comment and desire her. I would send pictures of her body fully nude and close up for he wet pussy.

I would tell her about me sharing these pictures and indirectly mentioned about my desire of seeing her being used by others.

Once while vacationing in Mexico, she got drunk in a club. I noticed some local staring at her and trying to start a conversation while I was talking to somebody we met at the resort. At one point she had a nipple slip and those guys were some hypnotized by the sight that they were about to have a nose bleed. I brought her to the dance floor and gave the guys a sing to join. We were grinding all over her and she was too drunk to know she was dancing with several guys touching all over her.

I took her back to our room and these 3 guys followed us with my consent. We went inside the room and I gave them a little warm up show. I put my Asian wife in the bed and started kissing her and fondling her breast. I lowered her dress. I kissed and sucked her nipples. Then I felt her down there, which was soaking wet. I moved away and let those 3 guys have her.

They were kissing her lips and taking off her dress. They started touching and kissing her body. One would kiss her lips and the other two would suck her nipples. Then one of the ones kissing her breast, went down and started taking off her underwear. He started eating her pussy and she started moaning loudly. I could see that she was getting super wet and staining the sheets. Even her ass was wet. They turned her on her knees and the guy continue to eat her from being while these other one made her suck her cock and the third one kept kissing and grabbing her breast. They couldn’t take any longer and laid her down on her back and the guy eating her out penetrated her. His hard and long duck just went inside easily as se was super wet. They took turns fucking her at different positions until late at night. They left her lying down covered with cum.

I just kept watching. It was a wonderful sight.

2 months ago


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    • I usually kiss my wife while she sits on another guy's dick. I really love her and I show her how much by letting her have sex with other men. I replaced her birth control pills with vitamins and she got pregnant. I'm sure that she was bred by one of her lovers. I can't wait until the baby is born and we will see if her lover got her pregnant. It will be obvious since we are both light skinned and her lover is a very dark skinned black man.

    • I would love to see your beautiful naked wife. Please email me

    • Any chance I can see some pics of her?

    • But was her pussy wet?

    • Didn’t the buy said she was super wet so why are you asking that? That was so hot shit. Got me hard and I would have banged his Asian wife too.

    • Yeah. He said it, and said it, and said it. I am surprised someone didn't drown.

    • I wonder if she can squirt

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