My friend and her

Before I got serious with my girl my young coworker had a serious crush around her and just blushed anytime she came by to visit me. I told Linda about him and he thought he was cute, a little too short but very nice looking. He would make comments about how built she is and how he liked her boobs. One day i invited him to go downtown club with us so we picked him up. The entire night he was excited just to be around her. In the bathroom he took notice how good Linda looked. I’m unsure when was the last time he got laid but on our way home Linda sat in the back and I told Jon to sit in the back with her. I was about to put him to the test. I told Linda to give Jon a little play and she teasingly rubbed on his crotch. Our intentions were to see him chicken out. He couldn’t believe Linda was touching and rubbing on him when he took it further. He unzipped his pants and exposed his cock. Both me and Linda were shocked and she had no idea what to really do. She just started rubbing and stroking on it when she made a comment about how it looked nice and cleanly shaved. To be honest it was small around 4 thin inches but he was worried. After stroking him Linda just made a move and started to suck him. It was pretty hot watching her suck him. She was more into than I had imagined. When was sucking hard and I could hear she was into him from her moaning and the loud popping of her mouth. Before long Jon starts to grunt when all of a sudden he explodes in Linda’s mouth. I’m thinking small cock little load when he starts shooting off in her mouth. Everytime he shoots it’s obvious as he keeps moaning. She tries to swallow his load when it starts to oooz out of the sides of her mouth. Linda and myself cannot believe the huge loads he shoots. She doesn’t stop but continues to lick it clean including his balls. I was rock hard by now. Never did I think Linda would be turned on so much. He cannot believe she sucked him off and thanks us both. On the way home we talk about if she would have fucked him and she says of course. I asked her his small cock size didn’t matter and she says no she would have wanted it inside of her after being so turned on. We talked about that in bed many nights during sex and she still states a cock is a cock and she was ready to feel him inside of her


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  • I’m a woman, and this sounds like a perfect DP cock to me! Nice fat cock in my pussy, smaller cock in my ass... bring it up. Honestly surprised a threesome didn’t happen! My husband would’ve pulled over and pounded me while I sucked someone off like that!

  • Wow thank you for the awesome response. I’m almost sure we can still make that happen. He’s totally in love with her and she knows and really likes that. I’m sure she thinks about him from time to time. I am her thinking about just surprising her and him by bringing him home one night.
    He’s not afraid of his size and has tons of confidence which my wife thinks is very attractive in a man. I would love to see if she goes as far as kissing him to show her how much she enjoys his cock. I’m not sure if she would go for anal but she loves sucking cock more than anything and I mean that.

  • You never know. I wasn’t in to anal until my boyfriend brought his friend in to our bed. His friend has a big cock and my boyfriends was small, so I was riding the friend, and I surprised even myself when I started begging my boyfriend to give me anal at the same time. It was the most orgasmic, exciting, satisfying sex I ever had.

  • I'm a guy and I got all hot and bothered reading about her sucking his 4" shaved cock. I recently sucked on my first cock, and his cock, not to mention being shaved is what I fantasize about. I still for the most part prefer ladies, but a small shaved cock gets mine hard.

  • Same with me. I'd love to feel it in my virgin ass, or to just suck it for hours.

  • Yes to be honest although his cock was thinner and smaller than mine he did not show any shyness. He did not mention anything about him being small it’s his confidence that gets to us. He’s actually a really good looking guy. But Linda is so amazed and turned on by his ability to shoot huge loads

  • Yes!!! I love when a man can pump a HUGE load!

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