Very embarrassing realization

I'm 42. During my teens and early 20's I considered myself to have an average size penis soft/hard. As I've aged I'm aware I've lost some length but I've become used to thinking of being just below average when erect and small when soft.

I am awake its common for overweight men to look smaller.

I've never been self-conscious of it before. In fact I sometimes didn't mind if people saw my willy. I knew it looked smaller but I could see the funny side and I felt that everyone could tell it was mainly just my fat making it look smaller in relation to my large body size.

For example I once posted a cock in a sock photo on Facebook and it was me naked except for a small sock. I wasn't aware until the next day that if you just zoomed in a bit, the outline of my willy was clearly visible. Although I flushed a bit when I realized that, I still wasn't to bothered.

Anyway, recently someone I know saw me nude while I was asleep. She's subsequently referred to me as having a micropenis. I took it as jest, knowing she was saying it was small but assuming it wasn't meant literally.

She had said it a few times over the course if some weeks, and the last time she said it I thought I'd send her a micropenis meme as a reply.

So I googled "micropenis photo" and to me utter shame I saw that most of the photos bore a striking resemblance to my penis.

A couple of the photos showed erections and they looked just like mine in size and girth.

I googled "micropenis erect"

And sure enough most of th images looked like they could have been my own dick pic. One had a tape measure and it was the same length as mine.

I felt like time stood still. It was bizarre. It was like someone turned around one day and pointed out that I had third ear on the back of my head that everyone knew about but I hadn't had a clue it was there.

So many things went through my head. Firstly the fact that I had an actual medical defect that I'd been oblivious to, but worse than that, she had seen me naked and knew that what I had was not just a small willy but an actual micropenis. I actually trembled with humiliation and shame as it dawned on me. I knew that she had probably told several other people in our close circle.

Then memories came and i felt embarrassed about things in the past that had gone over my head. Like the photo I mentioned on Facebook. I'd done it to prove that average guys with average or small Willy's should post for charity too. I was surprised how astounded so many people were that I'd done it. I thought there wld be some banter but I didn't expect some of the serious messages I got from male friends saying they couldn't believe I'd shown the photo. I had just scoffed at their inadequacy and felt quite proud of myself for not being so meek myself.

But all of a sudden I'd learned what everyone else knew...I've got a micropenis.

It's so disgraceful to me. Not the fact they've seen my penis really but that I didn't know I had a micropenis but they all did. I feel...foolish beyond words.

My girlfriend pretended she didn't know when I showed her the photos I'd seen online and she agreed they looked like mine. But I think she must've known. I couldn't get how I hadn't noticed but thinking about it I would only see my own junk if I was naked and sitting up or in a mirror rarely. My belly stopped me seeing it when I was stood up straight. Obviously when I was sat it was shrivelled.

I wanted to see a photo of myself so I could compare it to the images online. I went to the bathroom and got naked. I asked my gf to take a photo and she was reluctant. She must have guessed that I was going to be shocked. But she did it and showed me. I couldn't believe it! I was smaller than some of the photos online. Crushed.

Bless her heart, she just said she loved me and it didn't matter.

I just can't believe I never knew. I'm uncomfortable now and I'm dreading seeing anyone.

5 months ago

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    • You should ask her about some of her former lovers and how you compare to them. Have an honest conversation about it and have her admit to you that you are small. Own it. Have her take you to a nudist resort and quietly compare you to some of the men there. This will help you come to terms with it. She probably doesn't mind as much as you think....(though she may fantasize about other men from time to time or she might use a large toy).

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