Stepson desires my pantyhose legs and I give in II

My stepson Michael stood there with his tongue hanging out! He said you have the best body for a stepmom ever. I thanked him and said tell me what yu really think and laughed. I said maybe we should start working out. I knew I had him and planned on teasing him. He bent over and started doing some toe touches to loosen up a bit, he just stood there and stared at me. I said Michael aren't you going to workout with me today? He didn't answer and kept staring at my thong back ass. I could see in our workout mirrors that the light was bouncing off my legs and ass perfectly. I said again Michael and he finally answered and said yes I'll get you a water. I laughed and said I asked if you were working out, I said nothing about water. I said to him, what is wrong with you today. I waited for some lame excuse but he said you look so hot!!! He then said I just want to touch your ass and legs in ghost tights, to feel that body in that leotard, those tits! I said Michael I'm your stepmom! You shouldn't say that to me! He said you are my stepmom and shouldn't dress like that in front of me unless you want fucked. He was right. And I did, I wanted him to fuck me! It's all I thought about! I said Michael we should start working out. He said ok, but damn. He said will you spot me on the bench. I said sure. He lifted the bar off the rack and started benching, I could see him staring at my crotch. He had a I want to fuck that pussy look on his face. He got to 10, put the bar on the rack and reached up and rubbed my pussy. I said what are you doing??? He said I'm sorry I just wanted to feel your pussy in that leotard! I said and... He said it felt amazing. He said I want to put my nose in it! I lowered myself to his face and I could fee l and hear him smelling it and then he started to lick my pussy through my leotard. The pressure on my pussy was amazing. I could feel my pussy walls start to moisten. I was so horny and didn't want to stop. I stood up and said Michael we need to stop, this is getting out of control. He laid there on the bench and said I know you want this, you think I'm hot don't you! I said Michael I do think you are hot, I find you sexy but I love your dad and this isn't right. I truly believed what I was saying but part of me wanted to feel his sick in me, I wanted him to eat my pussy more than I could say! He sat up on the bench, stood up, walked over to me and grabbed me by the arms and pushed me against the wall and started kissing me firmly and then pressed his hips into me. I could feel his huge dick pressing into me. That was it, I lost all control and started kissing him back. I was rubbing his sick through his spandex shorts. They were so tight and slippery and I could see the shape and size through them. I could not believe his size. He had his hands all over me feeling my legs and ass, he kept saying how sexy I looked and felt in my tights and leotard. He said I not only want to fuck you but I'm going to. He said first I am going to eat and finger that pussy until you are dripping wet. He pulled my leotard to the side of my pussy and tore a hole in the gusset of my tights, he inserted two fingers into my pussy and said I have never seen a pussy this wet. He pulled them out and put them in my mouth. I never thought I'd like my own pussy in my mouth but I loved it. He laid me on the bench gently and started to kiss and eat my pussy, he was sucking on my small pussy lips. I came twice in the next 30 minutes and wanted more! He then pulled down his shorts and this 8" penis sprung from his shorts. I was big and fat, the thickest cock I'd ever saw in my life. He started to insert it into my dripping pussy and I let out what he later called the most sexy moan ever. He pounded my pussy for the next hour, this kid not only had the biggest dick I'd ever had but the most stamina! As he fucked me he told me that he loved feeling my body in my tights and leotard, how sexy I looked in them and that he wanted me from the moment he laid eyes on me years ago! He was deep inside of me filling my walls and I loved every minute of it! I could then see this intense look on his face and knew it was time for him to cum. I told him he could shoot it anyplace he wanted but I'd love his sweet seed in my mouth the first time! He pulled his sick out of me and started to jack off as he shot stream after stream all over my face and in my mouth from about 3 feet. I then dropped to my knees and licked every drop off his dick. I hope to keep fucking this bull for as long as he will have me, I will wear tights and pantyhose everyday to entice him to fuck his slutty stepmom.

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  • The uk queen elizabeth is a complete slut and bitch. if only people knew!

  • I to am like you, more than I really care to admit. Three weeks ago my son who is 17 in October took me on the weight bench and I let him. He had gotten me so aroused I didn't want to stop him and I didn't. He stripped me of my clothing and I stripped him and for nearly four hours he had his way with me making me cum I don't know how many times.
    His dad my husband is out of town a lot with work up to three weeks at a time and usually he's so tired when he gets home our sex life is almost non existent.
    Now tho our son has been fulfilling that vacancy
    I am 33 last January yea you do the math I had him when I was 15 almost 16 and a year later I married his dad.
    He's been the only man I have ever been with until now and I am about not to stop..

  • I am 28 and my step son who's 17 and five of his closest friends have been making me theirs for the past five months almost daily and when my husband is away on his job for up to 8 days at a time they spend their entire time with me and seldom do I get dressed at all.

  • Porn feeds these pervert acts:

    How I overcame porn/ masturbation:
    1. Veggie diet for a while to concentrate on the following 2. Work outs 3. reading of inspirational books; gospels, tough times never last, purpose driven life etc. 4. setting my gadgets on filter 5. setting life goals and being excited about them. 6. trusting absolutely in God and doing charity works.

  • I can't believe the other comments. Do people come here to read things and criticize? Your story made me horny.
    Good for you. Get your fill. I love going for hours with someone else because sex with my husband is only ten minutes. Keep at it and keep posting.

  • Will you like your husband to have sex with other ladies? You know it isn't right . . . then you can stop it.

  • How can one having sex with one's son and expect it to be labeled an achievement? I grew up knowing the word "motherfucker" to be an insult, an abysmally derogatory term; so how someone will come out and announce that she has seduced his step son and expect us to clap is appalling! Well lady, there are other things you can do with your life. Folks are working hard and making million dollars investments for their kids and you are here bragging that you seduced yours. Nice anyway to know that you admitted that it "isn't right". May I suggest that you read books that will make you know what to do to achieve an amazing life; such books like; "Purpose driven life", Why you act the way you do, . . . these books are in amazon etc. Perhaps you'd come back here next year and tell us some good news.

  • Divert your energy to more productive ventures; work out, charity, reading books like "tough times never last . .." "purpose driven life" etc. you've got a whole life ahead of you. Set good life goals; college, job, marriage and look forward to achieving them. Get excited about life.

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