T- girl Anything For Older BBC

I'm an alabaster pale Trans I woman who has had top surgery 36C cup. I have a micro penis that can barely get erect at 3". I am super fem, long natch brunette at 5'2" I get lots of wow! Hot from most straight men. I just turned 19 but beginning when I was 13 my slutty mom married a big black attorney with money enough to own her soul, his huge fat cock owned her body. Soon she allowed him to own me as well. My mom had the morals of a dog in heat and because he told her to, she allowed him to use me. One day he just told us, that boy is one pretty little bitch, no use in having something that pretty go to waste as a boy, he was partially right because all the boys at school raised me calling me a girl, a slut hey how about a BJ? In that regard he was right and what girl would ever want a guy with a 3" dick that barely got hard?
He gave my mom $1,000 and told her to get me a sexy wardrobe, make-up and a few wigs til my hair grew out. Two weeks later I was a cute girl with a dick and flat chest.
Now you'll ask why didn't I turn them in? Easy! My step monster had criminal clients who said, if you ever rat, you'll be so sorry, yeagh, scary guys some had been in for murder, sure I'm going to tell, sure.
Mom and him would have sex and I'd be a thirs, I learned to eat my mother's creampie and to give him head and tongue his ass. It took a few months of horrible pain but he also fucked me and kissed me, like I was an underage girl 'felt I was an underage boy.
When he was drinking b he'd fuck me then piss in my mouth often make me swallow. Always had to clean mom's pussy after he'd come.
It went on and on, when I turned 18 as promised he got me nice implants. I have no psychology for it but I like what him and mom made me. I got ads and go places where I can hookup with mature black men, I let them use me, fuck me bareback and I sometimes get shared and let my livers know, baby I eat ass and you can piss in my mouth.
It's great for me it feels good and I really do get off, it's the only way for me.

Aug 16
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