Want to watch my wife get a massage

So when I was first dating my wife 20 years ago I would get jealous of lots of things. As we have grown older together and I am more secure in our relationship I know she loves me. Saying that, I have a fantasy about watching her get a massage from a real stud. I want to se how she would react to him touching her and rubbing her down. If it would turn her in or just be relaxing. I have to say the thought of her getting aroused laying there in her panties with only a towel on with some young guy tubing on her is a turn on. I don’t know if it could ever happen but it’s a nice fantasy.

30 days ago

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    • At a resort by the pool a guy my wife was flirting with asked her to play strip poker.
      Women who were asked to play got a $100 hotel restaurant gift card. The hotel liked it's naughty adult reputation. I said play if you want, but get ready to take your big girl panties off. These guys let their co sensitivity training at home. She said WTF, I'll never see them again, sorta miss sexiest jokes. Only players and a security guy were allowed in the room. She said her tits were out in no time. Only one other girl played, 2 guys bragged (to my wife) that the had sex with her. She was there alone golfing.

    • Really Tell the name of the hotel so we can look it up! Or is it more bull shit!
      Damn you love degrading women!

    • A massage is relaxing not a turn on! And who said she will be wearing her panties? A towel is the only thing! Get one and maybe she will thank you when you get home!

      But why the fuck are you turned on by your wife with other guys or her past you keep writing about!

    • Because it’s anonymous maybe?

    • No because he wants to degrade women!

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