Just wanted to share

(Even tho this takes place in highschool no tmi at all just my love story I haven't been able to tell)
My bestfriend Jason dated this girl Jocelyn during freshman and most of sophmore year. They had a rough break up and during the summer before Junior year Jason asked me to help him get her back. I felt bad so I agreed and looked for her in the first week during lunch. To my surprise I found her alone in a class at a corner just eating. This was my first one on one conversation with her. We had every class together and in the 2nd week we were being assigned permanent seats. As the weeks past I found out Jason was verbally and physically abusing her making her cut off all her friends out of pure jealousy. I was her only friend left basically. I stopped telling Jason what she was telling me instead just making shit up to help him move on. He asked me to hang out with her after-school to find out more about her. So I ended up taking her to go eat. I kept finding out more interesting things about her like how she loved old school music and styles. On top of being possibly the prettiest girl in the school she was also religious and shy making me order for her. Weeks passed and by the end of sophmore year she told me how much she appreciated me helping her move on from the break up and gave me a kiss. That summer I was very anxious if Jason would find out what happend and I didnt know what to do. As senior year started me and Jocelyn continued going out to smoke, eat and i even brought her over to my house to meet my family. Then in senior retreat Jason ended up finding out about me and her. A few weeks after retreat Jason had spread a rumor accusing me and another friend of mine to hook up after one night. It didn't help that i gave that friend my hoodie because it was so cold in retreat. Jocelyn was devasted blocking me off completely because even i admit the rumor seemed pretty believable and i found out too late to stop it. I confronted Jason after-school and we ended up fighting. Nobody won but i came off as the bad guy because i did betray my bestfriend. I never was able to talk to Jocelyn anymore, every time i tried to get near her she'd walk away and got really upset. I didn't want to do anymore harm so I let her go. Most of my friends left me as well thinking im a bad person and an even worse friend. Finished highschool alone and I never saw Jocelyn again. I was madly in love with her and 2 years later I still think about her, 3 weeks ago I even had a dream about her. Im happy with my current girlfriend but I still miss her, I hope I bump into her in the future.

2 months ago

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