I played a game of Dare with a 13 year old Girl

I confess that I played a game of Dare with a 13 year old girl. But it was all right, because both of us are going to Hell already, I just sealed the deal between us.

She wanted to know if we wanted to play a game of Dare, so I said ok, I dared her to show me her Vagina, she said sure “ you wanna see inside or just my Vagina “ I said just her Vagina. So she showed it to me, it was hot, I don’t care. Next she showed me her boobs, they were hot, than I asked if she was a Virgin, than she told me that she was not a Virgin. I asked who she lost her Virginity to, she said “ you were the one who took my Virginity “, I said no, there was no Penetration between us, she said yes there was, when we played that game of Dare, i officially lost my Virginity to you by consent. So you were the one who took my Virginity.
P.S I never knew that Girls loved to fuck me good. Lots of Girls had a strong desire to seduce me because I was a little Fuckable guy.

4 months ago


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    • Call the cops!

    • What for, you know it was both me and the girl that was Underage don’t you, we only had a 2 year age difference between us, what are the cops gonna charge me with, spending time with my one night stand girlfriend. Plus we were completely private, we never forced each other into sex. We both never even gotten so far as Third Base, plus the damn encounter was consensual. And people call me mentally retarded, I may be a pedo, but so was she, she was also a pedo. This was Pedo Vs Pedo encounter.

    • Fuck you and you fake story you are a sick pedo trying to push the limits here.

    • At least I’m not a Faggot lover like you 4 people are. I’m a ladies man, I always have been, the only gender I slept with was the opposite Gender, I never went to bed with a Man before in my Life. And I never forced any Girl into sexual relations with me before in my life, and I never before in my life ever struck a Woman in anger before neither.
      But I’m sure that you 4 Faggot lovers did really abuse a woman or maybe your Momma kicked you out of her house and made you live on the streets, because why else would you 4 extremely bad loser fucks be on this demented web to begin with and why are you 4 pricks unemployed losers and welfare collecting losers anyways.

      When you should have a real job years ago, making the big bucks, rather than sitting on your Fat pathetic Ass’s collecting Welfare checks every month, at least I actually had real girlfriends in my youth and young Teenage years, I’m sure you 4 fatass pricks couldn’t even get a Girlfriend even if you paid them money, big money for their time and loving. I never had any real friends, unless they were my Girlfriends.

    • Chicks with dicks don't count asshole! Thats all you fucked you fucking dick-less wonder!

    • Ok motherfucker, I’ll be sure to wait for your fat tight ass in Hell, where I’m gonna fucking rape you to death, fucking murder you, cut out intestines and have sex with them, than have a fucking blood orgy with your dead corpse. Than afterwards, I’ll cut your fucking tongue out and put it by my bedpost and give myself a sweet blow job and a rim job with it. I’m already going to Hell you idiot, I got nothing left to lose in this world and everything to gain in this world by destroying Faggots and Faggot lovers like yourself.

    • So you are into chicks with dicks and sucking dicks from glory holes! WOW!

    • Kill yourself sick fuck! Fake story or not just kill yourself!

    • Well, you are fucked in the head, regardless.

    • Thank you, it all started with my F- ing brother who caused me to be this way, and my F-ing cousin, who made me Sexually active at the age of 10 years old, don’t blame me though. It was Fucking stupid adults who made me this way. Although I did officially lose my Virginity at age 15. I still held back and never seduced anybody without there consent.

    • YOUR A FUCKING MALE DICK HEAD! Incest is for imbeciles too homely, retarded, unwanted and mentality unstable to have a relationship with anyone outside of their family. You are a loser dude get over it or kill yourself! We hope you choose suicide because nobody wants to pay for your help since you can't!

    • Oh, you got me so hot guy, I’ll be sure to wait for you in Hell. Because that’s where I’m already going, it’s losers like you that mislead me down a Dark unforgiving path. It was a person just like you that lied to me, mislead me, and made me into the way I am. And sexually abused me as a Child, which made me into a Dark unfortunate Soul. That I packed up, moved far away, and I never looked back on them. But I did threaten to murder them, and i should have, but they turned Chick shit at the very last min. That they ran away, I never ran. So in way, you are a Fucking Loser and always will be a Loser just like the very people that Raised me, because by the sound of your very voice, you are certainly no Angel just like the people I threatened to Murder. So I’ll see you in Hell. I look forward to it, because I’m gonna take my sweet time torturing you there. I’ll let you know if it’s hot enough.

    • Well then hurry up and die! Try hanging yourself!

    • You sure do sound ugly to me, I bet that you were so ugly people used to call you names at a young age, your Face probably did look like a Asshole, but a can of Smashed Assholes. Maybe you wouldn’t have gotten called names if you didn’t have a face like a can of Smashed Assholes you fucking Freak.

    • What nasty grocery store are you shopping at, that has smashed assholes in the canned goods aisle?

    • LMFAO at that one!

    • Just kill yourself asshole! We wouldn't know where to start with the mental illness you have. So when you are found they will throw you in a mental institution for the rest of you life! And we will have to foot the bill!

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