I'm a part of the problem in mordern society

I did my bestfriends dirty which explains why I'm mostly by myself nowadays. It started back in highschool when I would get close to my friend's girlfriends or exs. It was actually really easy because they'd either do it with me out of revenge, jealousy, or just anger at my friends. Near the end of senior year they found out and were outraged with me, understandable. But to my surprise I didn't care, the only things I heard were their exs and girlfriends saying "he's small" "he's too jealous" "stayed with him because i felt bad" or other things they told me while doing it. That was more than enough for me to be ok with them gone and guess where I hung out finishing highschool? With their girls laughing at the scene they made when confronting me and talking shit. I convinced two of their exs to get our own revenge by accidentally sending him a snap of us kissing sitting on my laps. I felt strong in that moment and no longer cared about making friends. The ones I did I always tried to get with their girls in college. Sometimes they did and sometimes not but i enjoy the thrill of possibly being caught. Im enjoying the college life but for the first time i saw myself in the mirror of a store kissing my friend's girlfriend. That was the first time i even considered someone else's point of view besides my own. Im starting to feel bad but i feel like its an addiction. Also I don't want to go back to "normal" because now I know, these girls can't be trusted for shit. I think that's why you hear so many scandalous stories nowadays, there is something addictive about it.

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  • I too have this similar issue. I get a kick out of fucking someone‚Äôs wife or gf.. I know its morally wrong but the satisfaction of fucking them overpowers that guilt.
    Since my cousin sister got married i started to have a crush on her now.

  • Don't worry it's a normal thing. I'm female and I just can't help doing similar things. I think I've ticked all the boxes. Started young in my teens fucking friends exes. Then into my 20's fucked around with friends (or just people I knew) bfs and then a couple of husbands. I got a kick out of fucking someone's husband. But they must've wanted me badly to risk it all over me and I must've shown them something that their wives couldn't because they wanted a repeat later on. Nowadays being a married mum and in my 30's I thought I'd be over all that but it is an addiction I guess. I've cheated several times on my hubby and can't actually believe I've gotten away with it,not caught an std or fallen pregnant for another man. I would stop if it became a problem or I was caught but if I think about it the other way round I would be pissed off if my hubby was fooling around.

  • Ok I didn't mention the jealousy but I completely understand what you meant near the end. I'd go crazy so I never make it official. I don't think I've had a real girlfriend since my teens because I'm too scared to get cheated on

  • I suppose it is a bit of jealousy but also the feeling of being in control over my hubby and other men. Other than that he has no reason to look elsewhere as I give him all be needs sexually,he just doesn't return it fully.

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