Wife Fantasy

I have a fantasy of letting other men touch my wife. One fantasy I have in particular, is that I want to have another man put sunscreen on my wife at the beach. I told her about this fantasy recently, and she said she wasn’t interested, but I could tell she was really horny. I just bought her an extra cheeky bikini for when we go to the beach this summer and I can’t wait to have other guys look at her bum. I’d love to have someone smack her ass or rub lotion on her while at the beach.

2 months ago

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    • My wife and i both in our 50s we roleplay that alot we use toys at times or blindfolds . it can be very exciting and makes both of us veryhorny . we then met another couple on holidays and drunk we flirted with tem n they flirted back . i watched him kiss my wife and me his . then touch . it was very horny for all of us .we didnt let it go any further . we all went to bed and have to admit my wife and i had sex fucking and thinking it was him with her n me with his wife . then made love to eachother .

    • Update:
      I told my wife again about this fantasy and that I would like her to be fingered from behind by another guy while I make out with her as she’s laying out on the beach. She was incredibly horny. She said she would be more turned on if she had a description of another guy. What are your descriptions, and what would you do if my wife asked you to put sunscreen on her?

      Here is a description of my wife:
      She is 25 years old, with dark, long curly hair and brown eyes. She has Perky B-cup breasts. She has never had kids. She has also never been with another man, so I think this experience would be very exciting for her.

    • Do you want her to have sex with other men? You are opening that door as soon as another man touches her. Especially for a woman who has never been with anyone but you, she will find that she will want to be fucked by other men. I hope that you will let her as I let my wife.

    • Had this fantasy, too. On a beach vacation I arranged for a beach side couples massage and had a woman for me and a man for her. I surprised her that morning, told of the beach side massage and took her to brunch and ordered her some mimosas to loosen her up. We got to the masseuse station outside the resort, in our bathing suits as they requested. They had a white sheet surrounding the back and sides for semi privacy. She was in a one piece and had to unstrap and pull it all the way down to her waist to expose her back. That was hot, her male masseuse had his back turned as she did it. She laid on the table and I laid on mine. The masseuses started rubbing oils all over us, her feet, her legs, things, butt cheeks, back and neck. My masseuse asked if I wanted to turn around for abdominal and chest and shoulders and I said yes. Her masseur asked her the same, and she said I can’t, he said he would draw the sheets closed for privacy facing the beach, and I interjected “yes, draw the sheet, honey it’s okay and it’s private, he’s a pro and he’s seen it all, you need a full body massage!” My wife reluctantly turned over onto her back as the guy closed the sheet, her hands over her nipples. He massaged her neck and shoulders and upper chest, and then she moved her hands out of the way and he massaged her boobs and her stomach. There she was, oiled up topless on the beach being handled by another man. He worked his way around and around her boobs, and went back to her things and calf’s, as she laid bare breasted. I had a hard on, my masseur tapped it with her hand and said “it’s okay, it happens all the time”. When it was done, we went to the room and had great sex!

    • I would like to see some photos also...

    • I want to see some pics irwsg48 @ gmail.

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