Wife's change

I've been married to my wife for 16 years. She is now 48 years old. About 3 years ago she decided some changes needed to happen. She started eating better (Less sugar, no soda, low carbs, more veggies) and started working out 3 times a week along with fast paced walking every morning. She lost a lot of weight and is in pretty great shape.

She also got a lot hornier. Before she started doing all this she never masturbated and barely wanted sex. I'm talking like only once or twice a month. That's when she would actually want sex and would enjoy it. We would have sex once a week, but most of the time she would roll onto her side and say just let me know when you are done.

As of about 9 months ago, she now masturbates daily. She also wants sex anywhere from once a week to 3 times a week. She is pretty damn hot for a 48 year old. She's 5'3" and about 105 lbs. I know because before she would never tell me her weight and now she does. She has the body of a soccer player. Muscular thighs, big, firm ass and a small c-cup tits.

So, probably 4-5 months ago she would comment on guys on tv or guys in public. It would be something like, "Wow, he's nice looking." or "Holy cow, he's hot."

So anyway, We were in bed and she was horny and decided to give me head. Best part about her new found horny-ness. She used to never want to do it and now she does it pretty often. Sometimes, just to make me cum after or before work. So anyway, she did just that. I got home from work and she said, "How was work?" I said, "It was ok. A pain in the ass as always." She said, "Well, i have dinner in the oven. Go get a shower and I'll suck your dick while it finishes."

After she finished she said, "I'm wanting to try something new in bed." I said, "Like what?" She said, "A lot of things. I want to try anal." I perked up, "Really? Don't mess with me!" She said, "No for real. A few girls at work are into it. They did warn me that it takes quite a few times before it starts feeling really good." I said, "So, how often are you thinking we try it?" She said, "Once a week? Possibly more if I like it." I said, "If you don't like it are we gonna just nix the idea?" She said, "Nope. If at first you don't succeed try try again." I said, "Well, I'm cool with that." She said, "Also, I've only slept with 3 guys...including you." I said, "Yeah?" She said, "I wanna sleep with a few more guys." I said, "Uh, you wanting a divorce?" She said, "No way! I love you dearly! Not an emotional relationship. I'm just wanting to take a guy or two to bed. I'm gonna say something so don't get mad." I said, "Ok." She said, "I haven't been with a guy with a very big dick." I said, "You said mine was a good size." She said, "It does the job, sure, but it's like 5 inches. I wanna see what it's like to have a 9 inch dick in me or 10 inch or 12 inch. I want to be a slut with someone and I can't do that with you. I can experiment with guys I haven't known for 20 years and come home and do it with you."

She actually made it sound like something I kinda was interested in. I do masturbate to porn where women cheat on their husband. I love how she is able to tell me she wants to do something like this and trust that i'm not going to lose my shit. I even asked if she would record herself having sex with another guy so I can masturbate to it and she said, "How could I say no? Of course, I will. Anything else you want me to do?" I said, "Maybe not every time, but sometime I want you to text me before you do it. Like text me while i'm at work and say, 'I'm laying here naked and about to have a hot guy fuck me in the ass while you are at work."

So that was a few months ago. She has slept with 3 different guys. She's slept with each of them several times. She makes sure they are d/d free. She uses an IUD and they don't use condoms. She comes home and talks dirty to me. She wants me to do different positions or in different places. I couldn't be happier.

4 months ago


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    • Dam some of the comments on here are stupid. You guys know that if a hot woman came on to you. You would jump at the chance. Even if you were married. A marriage is understanding each other. Loving each other. If you both want to stay faithful to each other that's fine. But you have to understand that some women get bored with the same old sex life. Just like guys do. If you can't make it work then leave. Others can make it work and still have a great marriage. My wife needed more than I could give her. But she still loved me and always makes sure that my needs are taken care of first. She's had a lot of boyfriend's and a lot of one night stands. I've met most of her boyfriend's. Sat down and had dinner with them and talked. She's fucked all kinds of different guys over the years. Some with big cocks Some with average size cocks. I don't let sex run my life. And I'm man enough to know that I can't give her everything she needs and wants in the bedroom. And before everyone starts saying that I have a small cock. Im almost 7 inches uncut. She just needs the excitement and the feeling of someone new. In the long run its just sex get over it.

    • 'I've been married to my wife...'
      'I turned my wife into a panty [sic] theif'
      'I mentioned to my wife'
      'My wife had gone'
      'When we were younger my wife'
      'when I met my wife'
      'my wife had a history'
      'My wife and I shower together'
      'My wife usually fingers my ass'
      'Got off sharing my wife'
      'My wife is a very sexy 32 year old'

      I think it's quite clear what's happening here ...

    • Horsefeathers.

    • It’s time to start the conversation about her with another woman. Tell her all you want to do is watch. You should get something out of this.

    • I think your are crazy but i guess you have nothing to say about it. she has decided to have other men in her life and she is going to do them weather you like it or not.

    • You believed her that your 5 inch dick was a good size?

    • My wife and I were both virgins when we married. I had always thought I had a nice-sized cock but after a few months she started fucking other guys. She measured my cock to prove to me that it was not a nice-sized cock and was actually very small at 4.5" long. She told me that her current lover was about 9" long. Hard lesson but still married and enjoy her after she meets her boyfriends.

    • She should make you her foot slave. Licking her feet and shoes. Lay on the ground while she tramples you and your little cock. While she is standing over you she can laugh at you and make fun of your little cock while you beg her for a foot job.

    • Both of you are filthy arseholes

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