The 3 Little Subs

I started Domming about two years ago, and have had the same three men for the whole time. And I’m happy to say it’s been pandemic proof. I was seeing each guy once each week before the pandemic, but since it started I see each of them at least three times each week. They are very sweet guys that worship me, I’m 5’10 dark skin black woman and they are shorter white and one Asian man.
Man 1 likes to role play being at work as my assistant. And when he makes mistakes I bend him over the desk with his pants down and use my swatter on his balls. But what make him cum is slapping his dick. Never seen that before.
Man 2 likes his face sat on until he almost passes out. I love to bare ass sit on his face, but I think her like when I have wet panties or sweaty tights or leggings.
Man 3 is my foot guy. I smother him with my bare feet or step on his face some days. Other days I shove as much of my feet in his mouth as possible until he gags. Sometimes I just want my toes sucked. He only gets to cum once a week and has to pick between my flats or stocking. He has the smaller cock of the three but his load is the biggest. I finally got into a routine my boys and I think I’ll look for a couple more soon.

3 months ago

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    • I am not as tall as you (just 5~8), perhaps not as dark (latin-indigenous mix, but I usually date caucasian men older then me). I don't dominate them all, though with some I do manipulate and am mean, but OMG . . . . I would love to do what you do!!! I could be a domme (I have the attitude in me), but please tell me how you develop clientele? Do you advertise or do you just go by word of mouth or what? Thank you for giving ANY input!!! You seem so together and in charge!!

    • 5'10" AND dark skin?? Goddamn, sweet baby! I would fall at your feet and worship you, too!!!!
      IN PUBLIC!!! You should be treated like a goddess . . . . . . . . . . .
      . . . . . . . because you ARE one!!!! I love you
      even more than my entire family!! I would love to see you in super stilettos and giant gold hoop earrings and multiple diamond necklaces and full length fox fur . . . . . . . all bought by me, and which you would show off to my wife ! ! !

    • Dang, sounds like you’re doing well for yourself. Kudos!

    • Peg me baby

    • I would love to be your footstool. As a paraplegic from chest down I would make you a great one. Foot massages, shoes polished, feet kissed, and a warm place to place your feet on those cool nights.

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