Pegged for the very first time!

My wife usually fingers my ass while she sucks me off. But on my birthday this year she said she had a surprise. So I’m laying on the bed, my cock standing tall. She walks in the room wearing a silky black night dress and black stockings. She climbed on the bed and crawled towards me. All of a sudden she lifts my legs and and pulls up her nighty exposing her strap on. It’s wasn’t longer than I am but it had a good thickness. She lubed me up and entered me slowly. The more I got into it her pace picked up. Watching y sexy wife fuck me and stroke my cock made me cum so hard. It’s took me a while to catch my breath while she lapped up all the cum from my chest. But I wasn’t done, she was very happy to see how much I enjoyed my first anal adventure. That she wanted to feel it for herself.

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  • I work with a woman whose husband won’t let her use a strap on on him and my won’t use one on me, so every so often we work late,,, I’m 60 an She’s a hot 48 year old latina, and she smells so freaking good, clean, shaved,, can’t wait till next time

  • Wife does this now I am addicted to it. Fuck up thing now I crave a real from a tranny at times picture her as one as she fucks me

  • I recently posted how pleased I was having my wife use a strap on for the first time. It was the biggest turn on ever. I was able to get just the head in, I needed to stretch. A few days later we did again and we both were amazed that she got the whole thing in. Hurt a little
    Now it’s an important part of our sex life.
    I need to come up with something special for her.

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • She wanted to feel the strap on or your real cock?

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