Been getting frisky with a friend via text, one text lead to another and before you know it we are asking each other intimate questions.
All questions are in a funny way but both of us know their is a lot of truth in the messages.
We’ve shared a lot of sexual desire and we are enjoying the fun that is until I asked her about her pussy and she asked me about my cock.
First it was what kind of pussy and cock we like without telling each other what ours are like, I described my ideal pussy and she described her ideal cock.
I now know both of us have described the opposite of what we have and it really has knocked the wind out of her sails.
I’m still very happy to continue our fun but she has been very different since I’ve described how my cock looks.

4 months ago


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    • Caught my wife chatting with some kid. She was 40 then, he was 25. She said the kid never got laid, she is coaching him how to act around girls to get laid. Her old BF posted some artsie topless shots of her, she told the kid where to look. I'm like WTF? She said it's part of her get the kid laid therapy. 10 years go by, she hasn't talked about him in years. She finds a naked Linda from my gym on my phone. That kid sent her a dick pic and he was hung like a porn star. When she was suppose to be in NYC weekends she was fucking the kid 10 miles away. "Fuck you, fuck fat Linda.. I won."

    • You gave away too much details. You could've told her to see for herself and kept the suspense raging on

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