Why do I feel this way

A few weeks ago I discovered my husband having sex with a younger man. They were in our living room and my husband was fucking him over the arm of our sofa. i should have been in work but had been given the afternoon off to finish off a report at home.
My initial response wasn't what I would have expected of myself, as I instantly became turned on seeing him fuck this young man so hard.
Moving backwards I watched for some time, and even watched as they swapped position to have the young man sitting on my husbands dick on our sofa. Not once did they hear or see me and I became more and more turned on, the more thy fucked.
Eventually I walked out not making a sound. Phoning my husband after driving around the corner, I told him I was on my way home. Walking back in fifteen minutes later, I was introduced to a young man called Nathan. Both he and my husband were in the kitchen, but they'd left a condom wrapper in the living room, which I picked up not saying anything.
As he told me Nathan was his new trainee in work, all I could think about was wanting to see them fuck again.
I didn't let them know and ten minutes later Nathan left to go home. That night with my pussy aching for sex, I had my husband go down on me and it was by far the best tonguing he'd given me in years.
I didn't let him fuck me, but I did suck him off knowing his cock had earlier been up a young mans arse, albeit covered with a condom.
Something similar happened only a week ago. Only I watched them having sex in my husband's office. I watched through the window as he fucked him on his office chair. It was just as exciting and just as much a turn on. And I got to watch my husband cum all over the young mans back after withdrawing.
I didn't approach at all, but did make sure once again that my husband went down on me after getting home. I also had him fuck me and very nearly mentioned as he fucked from behind in our lounge, that i'd seen him earlier fucking his trainee.
I'm now wondering if I should let my husband know I've watched him twice and if I should let him know just how powerful a turn on it is for me to witness him having gay sex ?????.
What do you think ?


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  • By all means, tell him ! You admit it turns you on, so, why not get closer to the action ?

  • I’ve read that women like to see to men together like men like watching two women together. I don’t really know.

  • I would tell him that you watched and it turned u on. Maybe he’ll have a threesome with u or just have u watch

  • Tell him, its your chance to get involved. two cocks and lots of cum for you.

  • Would you be interested in joining in with them sometime? Do you know if Nathan is gay or bi like your hubs? It could be fun, especially since it turns you on a lot! :)

  • It can be very erotic watching two men have sex. Tell your husband you saw him and you are supportive of him having sex with his trainee. And tell him how much you enjoyed watching him. Tell him you're not upset with him and you will let it continue if you can watch or join.

  • Let him know you watched and how it made you feel

  • Join in next time

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