I went to an away football game with two mates, we got the train so we could have a good drink.
After the game we went to a pub, it was really busy, while queuing for a drink I started chatting to this girl, she was stunning, eventually got back to my mates with drinks and told them about the girl, she was with friends sitting at a table, my mates said go talk to her, I said I would if their wasn’t so many blokes around her table.
We kept on looking at each other, then she got up and came over to me, she said how long you here for, I said got the 22.10 train out of here, it was just gone 7pm and she said let’s go somewhere else.
Told my mates if I’m not back I will see you at the train station.
I said to the girl (Angela) where we going, somewhere quieter where we can have a lot more fun she said.
After a 10 minute walk we entered a house, this where you live I said, yep let’s go in.
She went into the kitchen and got a bottle of wine, unscrewed the top started drinking and said let’s go.
We went upstairs to the bedroom and she started undressing.
She was one dirty girl, she was a fuck machine, she kept on saying don’t you dare cum keep fucking me.
Changing position after position she then said in the top draw over there, I reached over and open the draw, it was full of condoms, I got one out and was about to open it and she said, not that the other thing, she got up and at the back of the draw was a dildo, here she said, put that in my ass while you fuck me and don’t cum yet.
Eventually I was told to cum, I cum alright all over her pussy, she then sucked my cock clean.
After laying on the bed I noticed the time, I said fuck I better get going, while getting dressed I said you want to hook up again, when our teams play each other again sure she said.
At the bottom of the stairs I was saying goodbye and noticed a shadow of a person behind the frosted glass leading to the kitchen, I said someone in there, I know she said it’s my husband.

4 months ago

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    • We have a cabin in the mountains. There's one next to us where Lina lays out naked to sun herself. No one can see her from the front. My wife Jill lays out in a bikini. I'm prepping bbq and i see Jill naked too. Omg. Little while later the 2 naked girls are chatting feet apart. Wtf. Maybe they'll scissors. This is hot. Sad ending, they were talking about cats. I was sure they were saying let's fuck each other right here on the grass.

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