Oh never seen a pair like that

My car stopped working and my husband arranged for someone he knew to fix it.
The gentleman arrived and started working on my car, he spent a lot of time under the car, I made him a drink then the heavens open, it rained for about 30 minutes really heavy, all the time he was still under the car.
When he finished his clothes were soaked, I said please come in, he was standing in the kitchen and his clothes so wet leaving a puddle of water on the floor.
I said I will get some of my husband clothes for you the change into to get you home.
I said you will have to change here, I offered to wash his clothes but he said he will put them in a bag and take them home.
I had to hold his top to help get it off it was that wet, his jeans he had to stand on each leg to get them off, when it came to his underwear I said you can’t put dry clothes on over them, I went upstairs and got a pair of boxer shorts, he tried to hold the towel and take his underwear off, I said I will hold the towel for you.
As he was putting on the dry underwear he said thanks, I thought he said thanks because he had finished, I took the towel away and he hadn’t quite finished, the waistband of the underwear was under his balls, he had to push things in!
He had a biggest pair of balls I’ve ever seen, I’m not saying I’ve seen lots of men’s balls but his balls were huge, like they were swollen.

3 months ago

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