My new life

I have been divorced for over 20 years. I have shied away from getting involved with women again. I don’t trust them as I consider them quite heartless!
I recently started remember an affair I had in my younger years with a close relative? He was a devoted feminine crossdresser. As he revealed this to me, I remembered how excited I was?
He seduced me and a lengthy affair began.
He introduced cross dressing to me and taught me how to be a sissy! Our affair lasted for almost two years.
Well, back to the present. After experiencing these memories, I found myself turned on by the thought of cross dressing again? I started acquiring sissy clothes, wigs, makeup, hosiery, high heels, etc.
As I acquired these items, I got more and more into my desire to be treated as a girl. Dressed, I felt so feminine and sexy.
Finally, I built up the courage to try? I placed an ad on craigslist. I took photos of myself dressed in sexy attire and posted them. I was honest about informing everyone that I am an older gurl. I don’t like deception and hard feelings that go along with that.
Anyway, to my surprise, men were literally fighting over me? So many men were interested and threw themselves at me?
I decided to be cautious and careful knowing how dangerous it was with all of the diseases looming!
I conversed with many men and eliminated one right after the other. I found that deception was rampant among my potential suitors! But by asking many questions and eventually requiring there photos, I was able to sort through the decievers!
I finally narrowed it down to one very patient gentleman. His plus was, he had a huge sexual member. He was married, but his spouse was no longer able due to cancer. But he stayed with her. I found this to be so honorable on his part.
He explained how sexually frustrated things were for him, but he didn’t want to get involved with another woman. That was also admirable?
Finally, I agreed to meet him. I liked his looks and as I said, I liked his potential?
I totally sluted our. I dressed in my sexiest attire. Bright red wig, red lipstick, black halter top, g-string panties, white hosiery with bows, 6” high heels. I shaved and was completely smooth all over.
I borrowed perfume from my daughter and put blush on my cheeks. I have wrinkles, but I reasoned, he saw that in my photos so I assumed they were no big deal to him?
I was so excited waiting for him to arrive! My heart fluttered like a school girl! I kept checking myself in the mirror to make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything. Heard a car door close in my driveway. My heart stopped fir a second, I think?
Then I heard the knock at the door! I parted the drapes a little to make sure it was him. I slowly opened the door. He was indeed all I expected? Handsome, big, strong, and sexy!
He just stood there for a second looking up and down admiring me. A grin spread across his handsome face. He said, “Aren’t you a pretty little thing?”
Oh, so you know, I’m only 5’6”. He is 6’2”. Just what I wanted! I wanted a man I would be willing to submit to! A manly man!
I literally felt a weakness in my knees! His manly appearance made me feel so feminine knowing that he desired me?
I wasted no time. I took his hand and led him through the door. I turned and headed towards my bedroom. He reached out and put his hand on my ass. He gently squeezed my cheeks and caressed my skin as we walked into my room.
I sat on the edge of my bed and he stood in front of me. He kept telling me how gorgeous I was.
I slowly reached up, unzipped his pants. He reached in and produced the most massive male member I had ever seen! He had not exhadurated at all! It was a real 9” love tool!
I could wait no longer! I wrapped my hand around it a gentl stroked it and with the other hand, I cupped his seed sack and gently fondled his obviously full testicles! He moaned at my touch and said, “Yes, that feels so good!”
I took him in my mouth and licked, sucked and kissed all over it! He was very clean and I could smell his cologne.
As I enjoyed his manly shaft, he disrobed! He was naked in a matter of seconds.
He started playing with my breasts and gently teasing my nipples. God that turned me on! He made me feel so feminine!
He slowly with drew and told me to get on all fours. I was so excited I was actually trembling! I could feel his urgency! He obviously had been doing without for some time. Poor guy! But I could tell he needed me bad?
I got on all fours, grabbed a tube of ky and handed it to him! He smiled and said, “Yea, you are going to need this, you told me it’s been a long time since you’ve done this!”
He gently lubed me inside and out. Then he lubed himself. Finally we were ready!
I felt the head of his cock come against my anus! I guess I tended and he said,”relax, just let it slide in so it doesn’t hurt.”
I knew he was right, I learned this in my younger years. I focused and relaxed my lips and I felt him slowly enter me. He was so big! I was gasping for air as he worked himself deeper and deeper into my love canal!!
I heard myself yelping in a girly voice! He asked several times if I was okay? I just whispered, “Yes! More!”
All of a sudden, after all of these years, I was again a little cock craving slut! As much as it hurt, it felt even more wonderful!”
He was becoming more and more excited! I could feel his cock throbbing and he made love to me! He was playing with my titties and fucking harder and harder! I was gasping louder and louder as his thrusts grew stronger!
He said in a deep throaty voice, “you are one fine little bitch!” I loved that! I knew I was appreciated?
Finally, he exploded! His man juice filled me and he pulled out still erupting shooting his juice all over my ass and clit!
I was in heaven. It had been so long since I had satisfied a man! I was actually proud of myself. He finally rolled over exhausted as he tried to regain his composure!
I grabbed a towel and started cleaning us both off! He just kept thanking me over and over.
I do the same, thanking him for making love to me. I was glowing all over like a girl!
I just laid beside him as he recovered. He gently fondled my legs and told me how badly he needed that. He told me over and over how gorgeous I was!
Finally he rose and started dressing. He explained that he had to get to work. He still couldn’t keep his eyes off of me. He just kept staring at my sexy legs.
After he left, I satisfied myself! I felt I have finally rediscovered my role sexually?


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  • So fantastic, do you still see him often ?

  • No, we lost contact.

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