Too young and the wrong race

I was 18 and for the most part a good looking girl, I was 5-4, small breasts, long hair, curvy but not hour glass figure. I had a I was white and had a part time white bf. A month before school was out for the summer, and I graduated, a black family moved in three houses down from us.

They had a 16 year old boy, neither mine or his parents knew that we had been seeing each other, let alone had sex. We met at the local jump stop C store, there was something about him that was fascinating, even though I knew he was younger.
We played it cool, but middle of the week it happened, I let him have sex with me, But I made sure he used protection.

Several times after that we had sex, always using protection. On the last Thursday before school was out I came home to see a moving van at their house. I didn't go over, but shortly he called me, saying that his dad had gotten orders to pack and get to another state to start work on Monday, and he wanted to say goodby.

My parents were home, and I didn't want to go there, we were trying to decide on a place, then my mom said they were leaving and would be gone an hour or so. Just about then he called and said they were leaving in an hour, and he really wanted to get with me. I told him to slip over if he wanted to, as my folks just left.

In a fem minutes he was there, we were in my room, and for the next hour his dick stayed between my legs. When he finally said I've got to go and got off, I realized that no protection had been used the whole time. I started to say something, but he was hurrying out of my room, he said I will call you.

I quickly took a shower, and tried to act like always, but my mind was on him, what we did, and had done for the past month, and I was terrified that I was pregnant. Two weeks later I missed my period, also missed the next one, and I was about to tell my mom that I might be, but a few days later my period started. I was so relieved, and went back to thinking about him, but he never called, and my calls to him wouldn't go through.

I gave up on him after awhile, but it was a very long time before I stopped thinking about the times he and I had, even knowing he was too young.


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  • I am 23 F and for the -past month I have been seeing this 17 year old Black.
    The very first day I seen him later he was giving me his wonderful cock ball deep in me for nearly four hours cumming in me five times. I never met a man or young man that pleased me so well. Well maybe it's his 11 inch cock that turned me on so much.
    He comes into my home most any time and within minutes we're right back fucking up to five times a day and on the week ends he's even stayed over night with me.
    I am his cum slut as he calls me and I don't mind for it's his cock that I crave. well I did till his dad caught us fucking in my living room. He just stood there and when his son filled my pussy with his cum and pulled out dear ole daddy took his place. Now I see where his son got his cock from god daddy has 13 inches and thick as my wrist and he was shoving himself ball deep in me after three minutes of fucking me. I started squirming on him so much I thought I was going to pass out and then he rammed himself deep in me filling me with a massive load of his cum, He kept himself in me telling me he couldn't believe I was taking all of him and all I could say is your son broke me in well and he kissed me on my lips and started in fucking me all over again. For 20 minutes plus he fucked me slow and deep and had me cumming on him so many times I lost count. God we fell into each others arms exhausted cock still in me refusing to go down and my pussy was clenching onto him not wanting him to pull out of me I looked into his eyes and gave him a big kiss and told him to visit me again.

  • When I was 18 I got involved with a 14 year old black boy, it was only a one time thing, and I didn't give it a thought about him getting me pregnant, but he did, and by the time I found out they were long gone.

  • The age and color of the dick means nothing, its how it makes the hole feel.

  • The reason he never called was because he was sure you were bred to him. And my guess says that when he planted his seed between your legs, his ego was the size of a football field.

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