Fun while not

Wife and I were supposed to go on vacation together but I had to stay home because of a disaster at work.

Wife texts me second day. Tells me there is a guy that's been hitting on her since she got there. I asked if he saw the ring. She said, "Yep. Doesn't seem to matter tho." I said, "You fuck him yet?" She said, "Cheat on you one time and never live it down..." I said, "It wasn't once. It was two guys and both were several times." She said, "I seem to recall the second guy you were ok with me fucking." I said, "So, have you?" She said, "Not quite." I said, "What does that mean?" She said, "Fooling around in the pool last night. Took my top off. He played with my boobs and fingered me. I stroked his cock. Nothing big."

My cock was getting hard thinking about it. Picturing it. So the next morning I texted her around 9am. Had a hard night at work the night before. She responded after a few minutes saying, "Gimme about 30 min. I'm in disposed ATM." So I waited. Then she msged about an hour later. I said, "So what was in disposed?" She said, "I was in bed with mark." I said, "Oh yeah? At 9am huh?" She said, "Yeah seconds." I said, "Huh?" She said, "I stayed in his room last night. When you texted we were at it. So you being a good boy?" I said, "Without you? Kinda. Maybe. Not really." She said, "Porn and masturbating?" I said, "Not last night." She said, "What about last night." I said, "Got my dick sucked." She said, "Oh of those hot girls at work?" I said, "Nope." She said, "That girl from back in the day?" I said, "Nope." She said, "Then who?" I said, "Neighbor." She said, "Karen? She's married!" I said, "Other neighbor. Steve is his name." She said, "A guy? Oh my. How did that happen?"

I said, "I was out pulling weeds. He asked if I knew anything about wiring a stereo system. I went over to help. He had gay porn on his computer. Asked if I wanted to play since I knew his secret. Told him I was married. He said just a bj. Then he just went for it." She said, "Did you like it?" I said, "I've never had a bad bj." She said, "Next time you go over there take a pic and send it to me."

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