I got caught being a pervert

There is a place near where we live called Rooster Rock, it has a nude beach on the far end. I was sneaking away from my wife of a dozen years to check out the nude women, I especially like the far end where there are trees and bushes, nearly without fail a couple would be there, the wife with her legs wide open showing off.
My own wife is rather reserved, so while I would love it if she did something like that, I didn't have the courage to bring it up.
But then a girl friend of hers saw me out there, I didn't see her, but she told the wife. I got home and she began asking me what I was doing out there, so I was busted and I just told her I was sorry and wouldn't do that any more.
She floored me when she asked me why I never took her out there!
So, after some talk, we went as a couple, and out in the bushes alongside one of the trails, she stripped naked and spread her legs so that dozens of people saw her.
Now in the Summer we go out there several times, and my gal is quickly turning into a blatant exhibitionist. We have met several couples with like minds, and have had a few pretty wild parties at home.
In public, she is still reserved, but around friends and out there on the beach she is completely different.
We have never swapped or done anything other than dance with others while naked, which is a real kick. But I have a feeling we will swap one day if we find the right couple.

3 months ago

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    • 2 years ago I'm up watching the news, having coffee -- it's 7:30 AM. My wife sleeps till 10. We work from home, make our own hours.
      Doorbell rings -- WTF -- who can that be? It's a totally hot babe, late 20's, heaven must have sent her. 'Is this your dog?' There's this big German Shepard -- the neighbor's dog on my walkway. I tell her he'll find his way back. She said she almost hit him with her car, she's a dog lover. "but now I'm afraid of him, he jumped all over me and won't let me pass.' Do you want to come inside? 'YES PLEASE" I call the neighbor up and he gets the dog. She gives me her card. I've been fucking her since.

    • I love watching my wife close dancing with someone else while they are both naked. This has led us to bring the guy home on many occasions. Watching my wife have sex with another guy is like having my own private porn star.

    • Lucky you are

    • My wife went on a date with one guy about two years ago and they clearly had sex, but she didn't want to talk about it when she got home. Then one other time a month or so ago, she let a neighbor guy have sex with her while I watched, that was awesome because he was one of those overly well equipped types. But my wife said it hurt that time and now she refuses to do it any more.

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