Is it to much to ask

I’m female 27 and been in a relationship for 2 years.
Sex with my boyfriend is ok, nothing special or exciting and I’m wanting something special and exciting.
The last couple of months I’ve been watching porn, something I’ve never really done, I’m beginning to depend on it for added excitement.
I wish my boyfriend would fuck me like the pornstars (amateur & professional) I want him to really give me a good fucking, pull my hair be rough, pull out and cum over me, really spread my pussy and lick it like an animal!
When we do have sex I do try and encourage him to do it harder and faster but he likes to take his time, it’s ok but like I said nothing exciting or special.
I fuck myself harder and deeper with my dildo, it’s better when watching porn, I simulate the cock going in the pussy with my dildo.
I’m to embarrassed to mention anything like this to friends so reaching out here for ideas.

3 months ago

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    • You know that a good 90% plus porn is just two actors going through the motions and they are not even turned on by them! They are just doing a job thats it. If you notice the guy pulls out and jerks off to cum. Thats because he has to do that to get off.

    • My wife and I had exactly the same problem, she wanted fast , and if I did I instantly came. Total disappointment for her. So We bought a strap on dildo that is super soft and all around bigger than me. I still fuck her but now with our dildo friend she tells me it hurts in a good way. I was never able to do that and besides it turns me on.

    • Go Cowgirl on him and really let him have it.
      My wife put me in the ER once. Little embarrassing telling them. And it's on medical records: Injures from rough sex. Doc told me you're lucky, she doesn't fuck like my wife.

    • Just tell him about the porn, maybe watch it together and show him how much it turns you on

    • Tell and show your boyfriend what you want. Or get a new boyfriend that will give it to you.

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