Too close?

I'm 24 now and been with my best friend (same age) for about 10 years now. We're super close and do everything together. I don't think I'm a lesbian. But starting about four years ago. We started to kiss each other on the lips. She did it first and I felt good about it so we just continued . As time passed by things got only racy. When I'm over at her place or she's at my place, we'll go from watching a movie to a full makeout session. After a while more we started touching each other while making out , breasts and genitals. Just this year we started bathing together. We had a talk about it last week and she says she just sees me as a bf nothing more. I'm not sure what to feel about it...

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  • Do what your heart tells you to do. I'm 38 yrs old, and suffered for 12 years in a loveless marriage to a guy. Because it's what I was told was the right think to do.
    Now I'm in a full blow lesbian relationship with my lover who's been my best friend for over 25 years. My kids, myself, and my lover have never been happer.

  • Just roll with it. It's okay. I'm married to a guy, but I have a female friend with whom I make out when he's not around. I love her too, and her kisses are exquisite.

  • No you aren’t and no you don’t.

  • Enjoy it whichever way it comes. It may take time but it sounds like it would be well worth it

  • You 12, you know nothing.

  • 12 ctm say hi to me

  • Darling by now you both should be in a wonderful full on Lesbian relationship, she is waiting for you to make the first serious move so go for it, all the best you will both really enjoy it.

  • It’s not a real post. Sheesh.

  • Very sexy!! I'm married for over 20 years now. There is nothing I look forward to or enjoy more than that special girl time spent with my friend.

  • No, you don’t.

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