Mamma's Boy

I don't get the negative , some down right attacking the posters on this site. This site as other similar sites are for confessions. The things we do as humans, we know when they are wrong but sometimes Satan takes over our hearts.. Sex is our weakness, ad in isolation from the correct stimuli and you have incest.. Confessing anonymously seems to ease the guilt. That's right even though we did it we feel guilt and remorse.. I'm the worst of the worst, the guilt eats me alive, the secrets within...I grew up in an era when women were submissive to their husbands. After dads death when I was 30 I moved into his role. I didn't consciously plan it but it happened just the same.

All my friends and work associates used to laugh calling me mamma's boy, teasing and joking about me still living with mom at 30. What they had no way of knowing was Mamma's wasn't taking care of me as they suspected, mom was submissive to me doing whatever I wanted when ever I wanted.. I gave her orgasms the likes of which my father never dreamed of giving her or so she told me. I loved my mother. We were lovers.How can something feel so right be so wrong...If there is a hell, my guess is I'll see you there..

3 months ago

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    • You won't see anyone in Hell if you'll simply accept and believe that Jesus came to Earth from Heaven in order to die for everyone's sins .. . . . . . . including yours and mine . . . . . . . and that he then accomplished that result, was crucified, and arose from his tomb on the third day. If you do that, then you will not go to Hell, but to Heaven. I pray that you do that . . . . and soon . . . . . in which event I will see you in Heaven!!!! May God bless you richly, my dear friend! Be saved, be safe, and be well!!

    • I troll the incest posters because I love incest!
      I am the anti-incest warrior!
      Incest lovers should be hung to fuck me!
      I love to fuck 4-year old kids!
      Incest lovers should be hung to fuck me!
      I have micro balls!
      Incest lovers should be hung to fuck me!
      I mutilated my mother and ate her!
      Incest lovers should be hung to fuck me!
      One day I'll reach puberty!
      Strangling toddlers is fun!
      Incest lovers should be hung to fuck me!
      Who wants to fuck my loose ass?!
      I love to shoot elderly people!
      I am the anti-incest warrior!
      I would kill my parents if I could!
      Incest lovers should be hung to fuck me!
      Molesting my little sister was okay!
      Incest lovers should be hung to fuck me!
      Incest lovers should be hung to fuck me!
      I am the anti-incest warrior!
      Incest lovers should be hung to fuck me!
      Stabbing chilfren makes my 2" cock hard!
      My asshole loves getting pumped!
      Incest is the only way I get sex.!
      Incest lovers should be hung to fuck me!
      I fucked my dead grandma at the morgue!
      Incest lovers should be hung to fuck me!
      Mom let me fucker nightly!
      Incest lovers should be hung to fuck me!
      Incest lovers should be hung to fuck me!
      Incest makes me MAD & HARD!!
      Who wants to fuck my ass?   !
      Incest lovers should be hung cuz I like that!
      I am a mental eunuch!!
      You can all shit in my mouth!
      My anti-incest mission is fake!
      I'd love a hung incest writer to fuck me!
      I jack off to obituaries!
      Incest lovers should be hung to fuck me!
      I'm a fake cake anti-incest warrior!
      I catheterize myself with
      Piano wire"

    • Keep posting,keep it trending

    • If two adult family members want to have an adult family relationship who is to say they shouldn't enjoy the sexual pleasure of each others bodies, making each other feel good, the best sex is your mum penetrating the place where you came from, is the ultimate

    • "Anti-incest" mechanisms you mention are based in religious hypocrisy, those of us who are free of such guilt that only restricts our enjoyment of life know what we like and we enjoy it. If that means fucking your mother, so be it, she likes it and we take the necessary precautions against un-wanted pregnancy. And the greatest bonus is, NO GUILT, because what we are doing is fucking, no strings attached, and fucking whoever we want.

    • No Anti-incest mechanisms are not based on anything we learn!
      They are instinct built into us, Just like a baby knows how breast feed immediately after birth. How babies will hold their breath underwater and to seek warmth of mom when cold. These and more are built right into our DNA Idiot!
      No strings attached Bull Shit! All relationships have strings attached including pregnancy, Rape and child abuse.

      Fact 97% of incest involves a minor most with severely underaged because it is easier to control the victim.

      Mother son incest is the rarest of all incest period. And the main reason is because of maternal bonding between a mother and their children! Thats another instinct built in all mothers. Get in between a mother bear and her cubs and see what happens.

      So go fuck yourself sister raper! You know that after you raped you sister you looked at her and saw the tears running down her face weren't happy tears! You ripped her fucking heart right out of her when you raped her! Took all her dignity away from her! Consensual sex NO FUCKING WAY!

    • I love how you think you know. Yet you are so far off base..You have obviously experienced sexual trauma in your life that no one should endure....Doesn't mean everyone has...yep

    • Human beings are the only mammals that have the ability of self restraint! We also have anti-incest mechanisms built in called the Yuck factor! You have to be severely mentally unstable to overcome both of them.
      Your fake bull shit stories written over and over are sick gross and disgusting! Get a life and realize that incest will never be accepted or tolerated in anyway!

    • Will be with liberals. In fact, it already is. They are sick and twisted. Sex with kids, animals, objects, it doesn't matter with them. They are pushing now to allow 8-year-olds to have sex changes if they want. Have to be 21 to smoke a cig but you can have your dick cut off at 8 years old if you wish. Sick fucks.

    • More of this incest crap? Yawn.

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