I suppose this is rather naughty.

I live on a large ranch, to give you and idea, my driveway is a mile and a half long. Out the front windows are fields, a slough between here and the neighbors, it's close to a mile to their house.

I have a telescope, one of those with several lenses and using the best one I can pick out features on the moon. I use the thing to keep track of the cattle, and Spring and Summer there are up to 500 head of Sheep brought in.

A couple of months ago, I happened to look at the neighbors, it was fairly late in the evening and their lights were on. I could see someone moving around, their curtains were wide open, so I switched the lens to the biggest one. The people that live there are in their late 30's, maybe early 40's, and she was moving around, obviously totally naked.

OK, bad of me, but I just had to watch that. She has a few extra pounds on her, not bad at all, and snug little B size titties that looked nice and firm, and a bush that was huge, coming nearly to her navel.

So for days, I would take a look, every once in awhile, same thing, sometimes early mornings, sometimes evenings. Then a week ago, I was looking and she was bent over, looking back... through a telescope!!

But, she then paraded around like she had not seen me, but I knew she must have.

Now I am 31, and I not only work around the ranch, I also run into town twice a week and work out at our local gym, so I am in good shape. Here I was checking out this nice looking naked lady and it became clear she didn't mind, in fact, the way she was sometimes posing made me think she was getting off on it.

I decided to return the favor, so I stripped down, letting my 7" long and on the thick side dick free, after all, fair is fair. Sure enough, when I checked, she was looking. So, I did what probably a lot of guys would do in that situation, I showed off for her. After that, the shows seemed to increase, cool since with the big lens it appeared to be from about 6 feet away, I could see everything clearly. Great fun!

Then, a week ago, I was in my kitchen cooking, someone knocked on my door. You guessed it, it was her. She asked if she could come in, I said sure.

Why she was there became obvious in a couple of minutes, man she was a fun roll in the hay! She gives blow jobs that would cross your eyes, and has about the most energetic hips of any woman I have ever been with.

It took me awhile to figure out her old man, who I had never even seen, was getting off himself on all of the antics. She knows that I know that, since she is the one that told me, and now she wants me to do it while he watches through their telescope.

This is a true one, going on right now, I could never make this one up.

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  • We're a quarter mile from the nearest house. My nudest wife Jill lays out nude and reads a lot. She says she likes a complete tan with no strap marks or white tit cleavage showing. She has nice firm D cups she like showing off. Says since she's 13 they could never get her to zip up her jacket. From our window I saw the neighbor with binoculars. I told her he jerks off to her. She said guys do that, she knows him from the little store, nice guy, never says I see you nude. So let him have his fun, I'm sorta flatterer. BTW, she once signed for a package nude, luckily it was a women driver, she joked 'good seeing you, have a nice day.'
    One day I see the guy and i say Jill here's a towel, at least cover your pussy. And she does. then she says, let's give something to really jerkoff to, how about a blowjob? I'm like she got me, I never ever turned down a BJ.

  • When the circus is in town people come to see the freaks!

  • So lets see if we got this right!
    Her house is about mile away.
    You'r 31 and needed your super strength telescope with the biggest lens on it to see her!
    But she could see you and what you where doing with your micro-dick without the telescope from about a mile away.
    Then she just doesn't give a shit about her partner and has sex with you because of her super vision.
    Which is it Cattle or sheep? One goes moo and the other goes baa.
    Oh Herald you see where I'm going with this?
    Well the jury is out and found your claim to be fake!

  • If you had reading comprehension skills you would have picked up that she is using a telescope, too.

  • Still fake cake which is it cows or sheep?

  • 26 head of Cattle, two calves left to be born, 500 head of Sheep on 311 acres. Does that answer your question? BTW, the lady's name is Lou, she was over last night.. My telescope? It has an 8" lens, I use it mostly to keep track of the livestock. (And the neighbors...LOL)

  • No fucking way 500 sheep! Thats bull shit!

  • When we need to graze out many acres of flatland, they come in in March, stay until June, then get moved to the valley 80 miles from here, the grass grows, we harvest in early August, bale, use that to feed the cattle herd until it's Spring again. Yep, 500 head, of which 200 are Dorsets, those have curved horns and are a PIA to drive, it takes 4 Collies to get them loaded, but also worth $250 a head. Yep, Lou was over last night! Hell, we are small ranchers, a few out in the valley have thousands of Sheep.

  • Don't believe you!

  • This idiot doesn't believe anything. Don't worry about it.

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