Couple fun

Hi everyone well get wright to it I am transgender women and two days ago I was walking around Lake mirror it's a local park in Lakeland FL and I passed a couple man and women walking to the park is a big circle around some water so the next time we passed the couple stop and started to talk to I found they like crossdressers shemales and trans women so they asked if I would be interested in playing around with them I said yes next thing I know I was sandwich between them and him rubbing my ass and rubbing my crotch so we ended back at they place him and get on the bed naked told to suck his cock and eat her pussy so I did and when he got hard he got up got behind me and put his 10 inch cock inside me and fuck so hard that I cummed and she kept my face in her pussy until she cummer this went for hours so I had some much cum inside me hers down my throat and his inside my asspussy it was so great we are going to go out the three of this weekend they want me to be their date I know sounds crazy but they ask I said yes I being trans and meeting new people like this couple the sex is out of this would so more later I am Cassie from lakeland fl. I love being a transgender women

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  • In the late 80s, we had a neighbor that was a single lady. She was hot. I had known her almost all my life. She had a swimming pool so I and a couple of buddies we use to swim at her house on weekend. She was great. Always fixing cool-aid and sandwiches. She and my mom were close friends. Anyways it was late and it was just her and I there one night. She was sitting in her chair. 1 piece bikini and red 5 inch high heels with the lights low and darkness coming fast. I swam over to the edge and hopped up on the edge of the pool talking with her. I have known her for close to 14 years and never had our conversation took us toward the road it was going. Next thing she started rubbing the tip of her heel up and down my arm. Just the length that would allow as her legs were crossed and the movement of her ankle. As a teenage boy that would get hard from the wind hitting just right, I was rock hard to the point it was starting to hurt. I took my chance and the part that was closed to me I kissed her heel. She moved around a bit and brushed my lips with the tip of her heel. then slide off her heel and offered her toes. Yes, I kissed and sucked them a little and started up her leg. as I begin moving on all fours working up her leg her other leg moved between mine.

  • She started brushing my cock with her foot. I almost lost my breath at this point. as I was mere inches from her sweet spot she stopped me, "careful what you wish for, Dale" she said. As I moved her one piece to the side out poped about a 6-inch dick. What the hell? I moved back. Sara asked, "You didn't know?" No, I didn't I said. Still within reach of my cock with her foot she moved in and started playing with me again. I can't fake it, I was hot, I was about to explode. So I moved back in and grabbed her cock with my mouth and sucked her off. I did not swallow as she stopped me just in time. Once it was over she laid a towel out on the concrete and asked me to lay down. She took some lube and gave me the greatest hand job I have ever had to this day. Lots of orgasm control that made it last what seemed like for hours. Once I cummed she leaned back in her chair and placed both heels on my chest as she smoked a cig. We didn't say a word we just relaxed. Over the next 4 and half years we did this almost every weekend. till she moved away for her job. This was my first and only time with a tranny. Years later I found out my mom knew the whole time.

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