Revenge by another name

I'am a man married to a busty somewhat chubby woman who wears skirts and dresses too short for her size and thong panties. She loves to flirt and make me jealous,I know she has had affairs with both men and women but what she doesn't know is that it actually turns me on. She has always thought of me as a wimp because I have always fainted easily when confronted or frightened and she seemed to relish me getting in a fight over her which I have twice now,both times i was knocked out.
Then at a party she flirted with this cute guy and both went outside. I followed knowing I should do something but was both frightened and turned on as I watched him grope her breasts then remove her panties. Then out of nowhere his wife or girlfriend came screaming out of the house flollowed by other guests. She was giving him the business telling him off then turned to my wife who was trying to sneak away and delivered the best right cross to her jaw landing with a whap sound and sent her sprawling to the grass laid out in a spread eagle fashion. This little woman around 100 lbs. had laid out cold my 180 lb. wife with one punch. There was about a dozen people there all crowded around some laughing,couple even clapped as two of my wife's girlfriends bent over her unconscious body,legs spread wide showing her hairy and wet cunt,both breasts splayed out as they attempted to revive her. And me? I loved it,I stayed in the shadows watching with a huge erection. Maybe I should have shown some concern after all she was knocked unconscious but I didn't. It was after someone brought out smelling salts and water she began to stir and was finally helped up and taken into the house,her breasts still hanging out.
Maybe it was some kind of revenge on my part,maybe she got what she deserved,but I bought that girl a drink later

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  • My hot wife Jan and I, just dating 1977. We'd like to take my 67 Corvette for back road rides. Had my college decal on the curvy back window. We'd like to hit hillbilly bars where no one knows us . We're both cheating on others. Once no one would talk to us, we left after 1 beer. But most times we're like rock starts.
    Me for the Corvette, her for her big tits. We're playing shuffle board, this bar had an awesome table. Soon another couple joins us. Sue next to me, Bob next to Jan. Bob looks like Paul Newman, Sue is nice but slutty. We play doubles. We're done, Joan says let me check out your Vet. I let her gush over it. Jan and Bob go into the pool room. We get back in I buy Sue a beer. I think she's hitting on me. But then she says something is all wrong, the pool room is dark. She goes it and comes out with Jan's halter top in hand. "Bob has another college girl topless in there." Aw shucks. Not their first rodeo. I think it was a setup. Good looking Bob has a way with girls. Jan comes out holding her bare big tits and out the door we go in shame. She's so busted. 10 years later we see Sue at the County Fair. She gained 50 pounds. Jan tells her how fat she is. I gave her pass, she said she didn't need one. Bob was fair game that night.

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