I knew when we married my wife Sharon was bi-sexual as was I. She can be a flirt,wears her dresses short with thong panties,sometimes no bra,loves to show off her cleavage ,bend over at just the right moment.
She is chubby,not fat,big d cup breasts,thick thighs and a hairy pussy.
She has been in a few catfights with other women mostly because she flirts with their men or son's.
It was always embarressing to me but after a while I got to enjoy watching her flaunt her stuff at parties and events.
I got an idea that I thought she would like but didn't tell her because I wanted to surprise her,I set up a hidden video in our bedroom to record us having sex,then show it later to her.
That evening I started foreplay on the sofa,we both got naked and went to the bedroom to have sex. As we sat on the bed kissing with the camera recording there was a banging at the front door and all of a sudden this guy appeared at the bedroom door.
He was Sharon's ex,a guy named Rodger and had been away awhile and found out Sharon was now married. He was furious and came in,I got up to meet him and was met by a fist to my jaw that laid me out cold on the carpet floor,naked with a huge boner.
Sharon rushed to my side,tapped my face a couple times and said, "Rodger,omg,you knocked him out!!" And I was too,totally knocked unconscious,one punch.
In the video Sharon looks concerned then Rodger pulls her up and at first tries to kiss her telling her he loves her but she pushes him away and goes back to me,her unconscious husband. She continues to try to revive me then he pulls her up again and this time manages to kiss her with Sharon struggling at first but then relents and their in a deep long kiss with his hands groping her d cup breasts.
She looks down at me and says "Omg Rodger you can't just barge in here and knock my husband out and fuck me,omg your so bad," but she has a smile as she says it.
"Your the one who told me he has a glass jaw baby," he mused,"besides he would have just fainted anyway," then he laughs.
Its true,I probably would have fainted if he hadn't hit me on the chin so fast.
You can see Sharon is aroused by all this,she loves it when two men or women fight over her,and now she has Rodger's pants down and begins sucking his cock,and omg what a cock,certainly bigger than me and i always thought i was pretty large.
Soon their on the bed,in camera view,he has his mouth on her pussy and Sharon is moaning loudly then finally he's in her and soon the climax when he fills her to overflowing.
Sharon orgasms so hard she passes out for a couple minutes then both of them stand over me.
Rodger leaves with a promise to be back and Sharon uses smelling salts and water to finally revive me.
I remember waking up groggy at first with her big breasts hanging over me asking what happened,then sitting up and Sharon helps me to the bed.
"My ex Rodger,he punched you sweetheart,knocked you unconscious baby." she said with I thought was concern.
My jaw was a bit sore,a small bruise but otherwise ok except for my ego.
Sharon said he left after punching me out but I knew differant even before seeing the video,I just knew my wife.
And a small confession, After seeing Rodger's penis and hard like it was I wanted to suck it myself even if it was Sharon punched out on the floor.

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