Client decks wife

I had a woman client for some time until she fell on hard times. I liked her,she was lesbian and we often had drinks together but she still owed me some money,the amount was actually small and i told her to forget it.
But not my wife,she didn't like this gal and was determined to collect so she began making calls to her demanding money no mater what I said.

The client was middle aged,nice looking with large breasts,no partner that i knew of and liked to go nude around her house.
My wife was about the same age,also big tits but chubby with a big butt and a bad temper.
She's also not afraid to get in a fight and has in the past.
So I was out of town a couple days and my wife right out of the shower decides to make an early morning call to my client who I will call Maxine.
The phone call is brief,same thing,"when are you going to pay me" and Max hangs up on her which infuriates my wife.
She grabs the closes thing which is a little bathing suit cover up and storms out of the house to go confront Max who lives about 2 miles away.

Maxine is just going into her spa,nude when my wife comes storming in.
Max described it too me later that her chest looked like two cats in a fight under her coverup,she also didn't have panties on she was so mad when she left.
They argued a couple minutes then Max ordered her to leave and turned to walk away. My wife grabs her shoulder to spin her around the calls her the C word and Max see's red.
Without thinking as she told me,she makes a fist and slams a right cross to my wife's jaw which snaps her head sideways and back and she falls straight back landing on the grass spread eagle and not moving.
Max thinks she is going to get up and beat her to a pulp but she doesn't move and when she leans over see's her eyes closed and realizes she just knocked her out cold!!
Now what,omg she thinks she is going to have me arrested for hitting her?
She has an idea,she gets her phone,takes about 5 pictures of her laid out,breasts,pussy,closeups of her pussy which is quite hairy and thinks if she makes trouble well I have pictures bitch. Insurance maybe.
So after this my wife is still out cold so Max gets water and begins to wet her face and tapping it,finally waking her up.
"Where am I ,what happened,Oh my jaw,what hit me?" Those were the first words out of her mouth as she regained consciousness with a nude Max bending over her.
Max tells her what happened,that she slugged her and didn't mean to but knocked her out. Max didn't know it at the time but my wife has a glass jaw.
So she helps her up and into the house to lay down for a bit and as Max told me later the little cover up was practically off,that is both my wife's breasts were like totally hanging out.

As they sat on the bed my wife begged Max not to tell anyone that she knocked her out,we live in a small town.
Max knew she wouldn't need those pictures and my wife also said forget the debt.
They sat on the side of the bed talking for some time,noe remember Max is still nude,my wife barely has a cover up on.
It was my wife who made the first move according to Max,a hand on her thigh then a kiss from my wife who by the way I knew from her past was bi-sexual.
What happened after that Max wouldn't tell me,I assume they had sex knowing my wife.
All this came to me when Max sold her house and I later met her in the city to have lunch and say goodbye. Thats when she told me the story and produced the pictures to back it up.
I destroyed all but a couple.

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  • My wife is also bisexual with a big butt and a bad temper. Her anger constantly gets us in trouble

  • She ever been decked and knocked cold like mine? Maybe we should get them together

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