Once you decide

"The jewelry looks great on you Ma" I said while watching her.

"So should I leave it all on," she teased keeping her chains and undoing her other ornaments.

"Keep some" I suggested.

"What about my saree?" she asked.

I pulled her to me and we kissed hard. I tried to remove her saree and she stopped me.

"Let me darling" she told me, moving over to the foot of the bed and un pinned her saree.

"Do you think I am pretty Raj?" she asked as she removed her saree from her pallu.

"Oh Ma – your are the best, I mean it, I have always found you sexy, so so sexy" I said taking in the beauty of her – with the saree gone.

"And I have seen it in your eyes that you like these" she teased caressing her bosom and slowly un doing the hooks. She was wearing a sexy lacy pink brassiere which could hardly contain her huge mammaries. We looked at each other with lust in our eyes as we began taking off all our garments.

Mother and son were naked. She opened her arms and I went to her taking in her raw sexuality, her heaving tits, the deep navel, and her sex, covered with curly black hair.

"Mother, I can't believe how beautiful you are," I groaned as she lay on her back, her legs spread, waiting for me on the bed. I moved on top of her, kissed her forehead, and moved down to her lips. I kissed her neck and she arched her back. Both my hands covered her breasts. I marveled at their size and my fingers found her nipples. I bent down and kissed them. I was in heaven, this was one of my best fantasizes, I loved her breasts, and when my lips closed over her nipples, I could hardly believe it!

Ma was wet and in a sensual trance at the onslaught of her son on her body. Her vagina was wet and she wanted me, she wanted more than just loving of her breasts. She wanted her son in her. She took hold my hard penis. "I can see that you are excited" she moaned. My cock throbbed as she squeezed. I looked at her with love. lust and longing. I wanted her. I watched her legs open further. I saw her then in all her glory, the wet lips of her vagina opening as she spread her thighs. "God" I whispered, crawling up between her legs.

Staring down at her big tits, I watched them jiggle slightly as she guided the rounded tip of my cock down to the hot socket that lay between the lips of her pussy. This is what I wanted always, I was going to make love to her. I groaned with pleasure as I felt her pussy welcoming me. It was un-believable she was hot and pliant, but her lips held on to me like a sheath. "Slowly Raj, you are so much bigger than your Papa"

Ma let out a loud whimper as her lips stretched and accepted me. "We both need this, baby" she murmured as I slowly fed my cock down into the warm depths of her clutching cunt. She smiled at me saying, "Yes baby, it feels so good, it feels so good mmmmmmmm." I was living the moment to the fullest. I felt pride, love, and pure lust for the woman under me, my mother, now my lover.

"Now make love to me" she goaded me thrusting her hips out. Slowly, lovingly I began to work my big cock in and out of the tight, velvet-lined sheath of her love tunnel. Squeezing her thighs against me, she let my hips rub up against the slippery smoothness of her thighs as I thrust my cock in and out of her. I had never imagined that a woman's pussy would be so hot, so tight, and so unbelievably wet.

Locking my extended arms, I stared down at my mother as she looked back up at me with love pouring up out of her sultry, dark eyes. Bringing my eyes down, I watched her big tits moving up and down in rhythm with our fucking. Moving my eyes down further, I giddily watched my big cock, glistening wetly with my mother's juices as it slid in and out of her hot pussy. It seemed to me that our bodies were a perfect match, fitting together like pieces of a puzzle.

Spreading her legs wider, she dug her heels down into the mattress and tilted her pussy up, letting me slide even deeper into the squishy depths of her pussy. Using her legs, she hunched up at me every time I drove my cock into her, making wet slapping sounds when our bodies met.

"Faster, honey, faster," she mewed out, grabbing me by the hips, pushing and pulling on me to make me fuck her faster. "Ma needs to come."

"Make...Ma ..come," I grunted out, moving my hips back and forth faster and faster as I drove my cock down into the clutching heat of her cunt.

Now her tits were jerking up and down wildly as I hammered my cock into her and she thrust herself back up at me. Our groins were covered with hot, sticky pussy-juice as her cunt spewed it out in gushes.

"MyyyDDarrrlinnnggggg," she groaned out as her hips began to quiver and shake. Her muscles straining, she dug in her heels and pushed herself against me as she writhed through her orgasm. "Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh," she muttered out, her hips jerking spasmodically for a few seconds before she lunged impaling herself to the limit on my cock. "Goddddddddddd!"

Breathing very heavily my mother chocked out, "Now you...you come...you come in me...please," kicking her legs further apart and pulling me down between them.

Now it was my turn, I deliriously thought. My turn to empty my balls in the birthing chamber that lay between her legs.

A spasm of pleasure tore through my cock as it began to pulsate and spurt out its virulent seed deep inside my mother's womb. The thick, sperm-filled cream spewed out like water from a broken water main.

The spasms of pleasure continued to jolt through my cock, making it pulsate and spurt until there was nothing left to eject out into her hungry pussy. My mother, my lover, took all I gave and wanted even more as she pulled me down onto her.

"Thank you Ma" I groaned, as I pulled out my cock, a little subdued after all the action.

"You are welcome my son" she smiled at me still panting from the hot sex.

"I love to watch you come, as much as I loved my own cumming" I said lying down next to her. "It's so erotic. Just knowing that I can make it happen for you, is so...so fucking exciting. Making my own Mother come...Wow...what could be more, more, I don't know...but it's an awesome feeling."

"And you have given me the best I ever had, by a big margin my son, I love you, there is so much I want to do with you my love, so many things" she said placing her left leg over me a laying her head on my chest.

I caressed my mother as my mind was already thinking of things that we will explore whenever we have the chance.

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