I want to know what it's like to be a woman. I've been with many women and have had sex more than 200 times probably but I was never satisfied it seemed. I've grown to like sex toys, dildos in particular, and have not really been open about it but rather kept it quiet. Maybe it was due to my dissatisfaction. I feel like some women don't use their creative abilities to try to love their lover. They don't think about ways to improve their relationships through the arts. Maybe its an East Coast thing.

But I wouldn't mind knowing what it's like to be filled like a twinky and have frosting seep from my sweet posterior and have another woman slurp at it.

Sometimes feminine guys also look attractive too, I would like to see how another guy reacts my Love.

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  • It's a wonderful feeling. I started when I was young. My wife knew that I was bi when we got married. I have always loved to get my ass fucked. And when I started having hands free Orgasms I knew that I found my feminine side. To have a man deep inside of you and make you cum with his cock is the most intense organism. The muscles inside your ass squeezing his cock will make him cum in you

  • Im a married man, but I’m hoping one day soon I’ll get someone to blast a nice hot load up my ass! I’ve seen lots of videos of creampies and such, and all I imagine is that he is frantically pounding me! I’m going to be a good slut and let him use me however he wants.....

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