What a surprise

I best friend moved in with he boyfriend over 100 miles away, we rarely saw each other, so on her 30 birthday I had to see her, my boyfriend stayed at home looking after cats and dogs!
She had a house party, I was surprised with the amount of people there, over the evening and early morning I kept on seeing this guy, he was always on his own, I asked my friend who he was and he was a guy from her works, she said she didn't know much about him apart from always being very shy and quiet, she said she invited everyone from the office and was surprised he even turned up.
I felt a bit sorry for him so started talking to him, she was right he is very shy and quiet, I managed to get a couple of drinks down him to get him relaxed, myself I was getting really drunk! I got him dancing and a lot more relaxed, the second I left him he would go straight back his chair and be on his own.
3am everyone that was left was really drunk, can only have been a dozen people, drunkenly I went up to this guy and said come on give me a kiss, I was dancing on the spot in front of him shaking my boobs and lifting my skirt up! He was not reacting to any of it.
Being the drunken cow I am, I grabbed his hand and went outside and started kissing him, he froze, as I continued to kiss him I started groping him between his legs, still kissing him I put my hand down his jeans and couldn't believe what I was touching, I undid his jeans and got his cock out, it was huge, it was so thick and long, it was an amazing size, my fingers only just met when holding it, I stopped kissing him so I could look at his cock, he was still just standing there, his cock was hard, all I wanted to see was him cum and OMG when he cum it shot out, I've never seen anything like it in real life, I could feel every pulse as he cum.
The next morning I felt awful for what I did but it's something I'm never going to forget, OMG that cock!

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  • Did you fuck him?

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