I've been getting ravaged by my daughters boyfriends.

I'm married and have 3 daughters and 2 sons. Whenever any of my daughters comes home with their boyfriends, I would usually wear a sundress, one time I asked my eldest daughter (28) to go to the liqour store to get me a couple things, as soon as shes out the apartment I rushed her boyfriend and had him fuck me on the kitchen counter, I swallowed his sweet load. My second daughter who is (22) brought her man one time, theyre broken up now but I remember how I pretended to go to my room and instead I signaled him into the bathroom, I sat on his cock and rode it for a bit, it was getting uncomfortable so I sucked him off and had him cum all over my tits, he walked out and I stayed in the bathroom an caressed his juices all over my body and then took a shower. My youngest daughters (19) boyfriend or should I say baby daddy is a real beast. He has a huge cock and I'm always finding ways to get him alone, so he can long dick me, I love him deep in me and deep in my mouth, I would let him facefuck me and hes the only one to cum inside me.

7 months ago

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    • I heard my daughter Grace and her boyfriend Lloyd having sex! I was so horny listening that I crept upstairs and managed to see them through the keyhole! Lloyd's 18 year old cock looked fantastic as he fucked Grace,I really want to send him some pics of me naked and see what his reaction would be! This mother wants his cock

    • HOT!

    • You need a dog

    • I'm 45 and have recently fucked my daughters 18 year old boyfriend and his friend,it was just him at first while fucking me he said my friend would love to fuck you too,I agreed to it,the dirty fuckers love filming themselves fucking me! So do I!! I want them to show all their friends

    • Had a girls only vacation, ran into my daughters ex bf, ending up hooking up with him and then rest of the time I was there.

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