How I started

I know this is crazy . My wife goes to a swingers club. One night she came home early and told me that she had a surprise for me. She had me get naked and tied my hands and feet to the bed post. Then walked out. When she came back in she was with a pretty black girl
Both of them naked. I was thinking hell yes I was getting lucky. The black girl got between my open legs and started playing with my cock. I'm uncut with a lot of forskin. She pulled back my forskin and looked at my wife and said this is going to be fun. She had a bottle of lube and started rubbing on my cock. Then she put the tip of the bottle in the head of my cock and squeeze lube into wife was standing behind her smiling at me. The girl said here we go and from nowhere she pulled out this steel rod and started fucking my cock with it. Working it further and further into my cock. I know that the rod was at least 9 inches long. When she got it all in me she pulled my forskin over the head and tied it up with a rubber band. Then they both walked out and left me like that. They came back around 15 minutes later and she took off the rubber band and pulled the rod slowly. She had a bigger one she handed my wife and they both worked it in and out of my cock I was hurting but they never stopped. She told my wife to hold the rod in me with her finger tip.and the black girl jacked me off slowly. She grabbed my balls and pulled I started cumming hard. My wife let the rod slip out. Now hook I want more all the time my wife loves to see how much I can handle.

2 months ago


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    • My wife inserts stainless steel sounding rods in my cock all the time. Feels great ,like you’re almost ready to cum . More and more guys are finding out how pleasurable this can be. I’m able to insert a 13mm rod 11inches deep.
      It’s amazing

    • I am next

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