Women are Nothing but Attention Whores

I am so fucking angry at fucking women who play games with men online pretending to be interested in you and then blocking you. I don't fucking play those games if anything you're the one who started talking to me and showed interest in me you dumb fucking bitch.

Women you know why you stay single it's because your fucking stupid and anytime you show interest in somebody you change your mind and then block them like why even waste your time and my time as well if anything you all are just a bunch of pathetic attention whores.

You wonder why I hate women so much is because everything is always about them. They fucking catfish guys all the time for attention, want men with money, accuse men of being rapists for no reason, and dress like sluts if anything I hate all fucking women you all are nothing but a bunch of attention whores.

Here's a message to all of you stupid attention whores on facebook and any social media who are nothing but attention seekers I say stop wasting your time and my time and I hope you al ldie of fucking aids.

4 months ago


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    • It sounds like women are talking to you until they realize that you're an absolute nightmare. Guys with this mindset often come across as harmless at first, but once we pick up on the red flags you throw down we move on. Reread your post and consider someone speaking about your mother/sister/daughter in such a way. Women are people. I truly hope you do not hurt someone. This post is disgusting and you genuinely need help. No one owes you their time or their body.
      If anything, your post indicates that you are the one desperate for attention Stop harassing women online and work on yourself. If you don't love yourself it's unreasonable to ask someone else to love you.

    • You are just a fool, the type of loser guy I meet online and trick them into giving me money. You are a loser and will never get laid, women like me laugh at you once you turn away to send us money.

    • Do you have anything to offer a woman? Looks? A decent job? Emotional stability? The ability to find the clitoris? Can you hold a conversation? Do you actually listen or do you just talk about yourself? Do you have any interests you can discuss with someone who doesn't know a lot about them? Do you have decent hygiene? Do you have decent clothes or is your closet full of hole filled t-shirts and oversized cargo shorts? Can you cook something more than a hot pocket? Do you actually know how to clean your own place?

      This may all sound like a lot but most of it is the bare minimum for being an adult. Women want a grown man who can take care of himself, not a man child who has Mommy issues. You want to attract women? You have to be able to offer them something other than "I have a penis." Fun fact, 100% of men have penises. That doesn't separate you from the crowd. Women like successful, handsome men because it's obvious they are self sufficient and hard working. They aren't basement dwellers living in internet fantasies. None of this stuff is hard to do but it does require you actually get off your ass and improve yourself to the bare minimum of societal standards

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