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My wife and I have been together for 10 years married for 5. When we 1st started dating she went on a pre planned cruise with her gf/coworker. I couldnt get a hold of her for a few days but every so often her friend would post a pic or 2 on FB. I learned that it was a group of people from the gym that went on the cruise together including a bunch of guys. There were plenty of photos of her friend hanging all over the guys but in one pic i saw my gf now wife straddling a guy in chair with her skirt hiked up and top off. I couldn;t see her head but she has a tattoo in the middle of her back and on her shoulder and it was definitely her. It was early in our relationship and I let it go as we had not declared we would be exclusive but it had been about 6-7 months. Anyway a few years goes by and we get married and she asks me to back up her contacts on her old phone to the cloud and and i find a short 20-30 second video of her getting it doggie style. Another girl was recording and cheering her on. I got to see him finish and then the camera drops to the floor and I hear her say OMG that was incredible and what appears to be kissing. The time stamp on the video was about year 2 of our relationship. I think i know who the guy was and I have confronted her about the video. She admitted that she did have a FWB that really was just a friend and he happened to be in town at that time and she wasn't sure she wanted to be with me and was actually considering ended our relationship. She said once she had spent the night with him and her GF she realized it was just an itch that she wanted to scratch and she felt dirty after and didn't like it. I put her on ice for a few weeks and after she persistently hounded me we finally came to an agreement. If either of us has a craving, "itch" we would 1st discuss it between us rationally over a drink and not in bed. Then we would talk about it some and see if its a thing we do, do together or hall pass. So far we have had 2 threesomes with a girl she knows that she likes. 1 threesome by accident with a guy we were hanging out in a bar with that really was into her and she told me she wanted me to watch her and I have had 1 hall pass for an old FWB and i have given her 3 so far to see her FWB. It involves dates, times, locations and texting before like "he's here" and "thank you so much, I'm on my way home to you now! " etc. we never hide, have secrets, unscheduled meetings, etc with anyone. Happily married for 5 years. Both of us have exhausted our cravings for others.

4 months ago


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    • Had a fling and got caught. My wife said good, now I can confess mine, I was fucking my boss 10 years ago. I'm like get a lawyer, it's a real big company.
      I said you wouldn't fuck him if he wasn't boss? She said maybe, he's a rock star, I had a crush,, maybe I conveyed that.

    • Good for you.

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