Wife's secret

So ive been married to my wife a couple years. I'm 37 and she's 40. She works in a small office setting as a legal assistant. For multiple reasons I have never been to her office. Either I've worked same time she worked or she's worked through her lunch or whatever. Found out recently that all her colleagues think that she's a lesbian and she's apparently had her "gf" at her job a few times. I should be mad but it's actually kinda hot

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  • What do you mean by 'had'. That her 'gf' had come by the office? Or that she had sex with her gf?

  • Are you going to support her coming out as bisexual? Does that intrigue you?

    What do you think?

  • If she ever told me, I'd be ok with it.

  • Would you supporter her in that lifestyle?

  • Are you the wife asking?

  • What? Why would someone bother going to all that trouble?

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