Has to be with being a transvestite & a fantasy to maybe try?

Well I first started out as a C-dresser way back I did it really 4A short time it just consists of just wearing stockings & a garter belt & I was happy with that & I would than master bait & than stopped it for many years I,, I had thought that was the end of that, & now fast forward to now/a few yrs now. So where to start & explain what happened &,,what’s happening now? Ok so? back than the internet wasn’t the way it is now everything now is available on the internet &,, I mean (everything) so I’m doing some internet surfing as usual &,, yes I was on porn,’ than as you all know there always is what’s called,,, links!! well,, 1 thing leads to,, well it’s endless,,? I happen to end up on a different type of,, porn & no,, not at first that it showed guys with,,,, dicks hanging out while they had woman’s clothes,, no,,, not at first this site at first seemed some what really different? It was/is SLOW,,, what I’m saying is,, they didn’t show that they had their private parts showing ,, to me the style of porn I like is,, Slow,,& I like (pictures) to look at instead of video so that’s what this seemed to be I don’t really like porn that they just get into it,, I like to see & feel the Build-up,,, the,, tease!! But this 1 never went any further?? I,,, liked this,,, wow 👍 that meant I was/ am able to take my time if you know what I mean lol I built up my self really,,, Slow 👍 there was more than 1 of them,, not much more but,, just enough,, well 4Me,, lol &,,,, than,,,, at the end towards the pictures,,, that’s when,,, it was seen?? & I mean showed,, let me say: in the beginning they fooled me they were/ are,, beautiful they definitely look like real women dressed up so sexy &,,, I have to say,,, very pretty to,, there faces & bodies you can’t even tell at all that they are,,,, guys,, until they show their cocks ok,, so of course I stopped what I was doing because well I was in shock,, so,, that was that &,, some time past maybe two weeks or so? & I started to think about when I wore for a short time stockings & a garter belt & them feeling good on my legs & how when I walked they would tug on me with the garter belt so,, thoughts started about that,, ? Every now & than,, &,, because of how the internet is so open (again) to,,, everything!! I liked that website of the slow tease,, build-up,,, but not looking at,,,, cocks,, so that’s when I started to just look at,, a new type of names I learned without it being on porn sites I have read of,, guys that like to dress up in woman’s clothes & things to that nature now this was just thoughts & ideas in my mind at that time. So 1 day on my way somewhere there was a thrift store &,,, I decided to go in I remember also being really nervous of wanting to buy,, what ever woman’s clothing that I wanted at that time if I remember? They happen to have the old style stockings that you need a garter belt to hold them up but they didn’t have them there but I still bought the stockings & they were so cheap to buy the packaging looked old but they were still sealed I bought like 8 pairs &,, I looked for shoes & bought them & a skirt that looked like that would fit me & a bra again thinking maybe it would fit me lol & a blouse I was scared when I brought them to pay for all these clothes So because I only had stockings that you need a garter belt I also went to a adult store & picked them up again I was kind of nervous about buying them &,,,,? I,,, just said out loud I need help lol the girl ended up being really nice 👍 I,,, told her,,, I think??? I’m a cross dresser? She was really cool about it & helped me out we where talking about what was happening to me as a guy lol so on the way home I started to think???? Between reading up on what’s going on with me & how I feel about this?? Who am I? &,,, what’s going to go on with this? How far will I go & become or ?? Maybe it will be like it was in the past? With just wearing stockings & a garter belt &,,, just master bait? Who knows? So now I’m home &,, a little excited in two ways sexually &?? Just excited so I,,, started by putting the garter belt on first & than the stockings &,,,, well!! It was happening I was starting to get a erecting if there’s any guys reading this & you never ever tried on a pair of stockings I just have to say this,, it is??? It’s kind of hard to explain you have to just try for yourself for me,,,, there’s nothing like it how nice / good they feel &,,,? It’s strange? But sexy to,, lol so with that happening I just guessed that that was going to happen &,,, that would go as far as that to wear stockings & get excited & master bait,, but than while putting on the bra I was!! Calming down I wore the skirt next than the blouse & shoes 👠 next I walked around the room I felt my cock twitch under the skirt a few times than I calmed down again it was gone I,,, kind of liked how I looked & how these clothes felt on my body so different compared to guys clothes I had a mirror that I pointed just from my chest to my feet/ shoes so I,,, felt more that,,,, the image was??? Maybe? A woman lol &,,, I kind of tried to,,, walk like a lady while walking back & fourth towards the mirror & placed my hands like how a woman holds her hips and,,,, well no hard-on,, the rest of the time I wore that first outfit so to speak,, until I started to undress I,, just was just wearing the stockings & garter belt &,,, lied down on my bed,,& of course a little time passed & my cock started to,,, twitch and yes you guessed it I started to play with myself lol & fell asleep wearing what I had on & from that moment on I started to do a little more research on the internet & found a group that caters to,,, guys like me I found out that I am on a different level so to speak not really coincided a cross dresser anymore because I,,,, started to wonder? What it would be like to go all-out!! The wig & learning of makeup &,,,,, well,, be out in the public dressed like a woman which I am sure that’s called a transvestite ? I know I am not transgender because that’s guys that want to eventually want to go all out to becoming a woman & living full time as a woman I love my male side to much to be & do something like that &,,,,,, there’s something new & different going on that I might want to try & experiment with I of course came across a website that??? Well?? It has to do with something with the subject of,,,,,, sissies but,,, for me,,, not any kind of guys touching my butt with them self or me touching any guys or even any cross dressers butt that’s not my thing,, to each his own !!

4 months ago

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