Pleasure party

So back in 2016 I installed the meetup app to see of any events happening around my town. After finding nothing I decided to look in other areas. I was familiar with the area of Asheville N.C an saw a few things of interests, one meetup group caught my eye. Some kind of pleasure gathering and mental health for sexual awareness. I decided to check it out, when I arrived my nerves got the best of me and I stayed in my car for a bit. I got the courage to finally go in and received a warm welcome. After breaking the ice I started to relax and chat more with others. I had no idea what was in store for me. After the hostess explained everything and what was expected. I said to myself what the fuck have you gotten yourself into lol. A much older woman saw the look of worry on my face and came over to me. She looked to be in her mid 60’s thick curvy figure plus she was a red head which is a weakness of mine. She slide her hand into mine and just laid her head on my shoulder, like she had known me for years or I was a old bf of hers. It made me uncomfortable at first , but then that feeling eased away. She introduced me to some of her friends that were around the same age as her , they embraced me with meaningful hugs and gave me these sly grins. So after the hostess talked about the meaning of the event and the different rooms that are already set up for play. The lady I had met came back over to me and asked if I would join her in the massage room. I was hesitant at first because when I walked into the room, there were other couples young and old just enjoying one another an giving each other rub downs. Everything was asked with permission before anything went down which I liked. If you were asked something and you didn’t want to take part in it, your choice was respected. I was asked by her and others would I like a massage, I politely accepted and got undressed. I laid down and the massage began. It felt so good that I closed my eyes and almost drifted off to sleep. Then a older couple had asked me was it okay to let their hands touch my cock and balls. I said yea go ahead , I was okay with it and within reason enjoy new experiences. It felt great to be honest, then the husband grabbed my dick and said you my wife always wanted to suck a black cock. Would you mind if she tries? I said by all means, she knew how to give head...when I started getting close to cumming. He pushed her head further down on me which resulted in my dick down her throat. She was gasping for air when she stopped. He then repeated it with her throat and when I came, I almost flooded the woman’s throat with cum. It was dripping from the sides of her mouth, he grabbed her and passionately kissed her. I was blown away from everything else that happened that night. I was later invited to private home parties in which the lady I first met ended up being a regular fwb. Amazing sex great people that were open and down to earth. Later I found out that some of the people were lawyers , doctors and people who held high positions within the counties. Maybe someday after this pandemic eases up I can find something like that again.

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