I live in a great area

I woke up thinking a blow job would be awesome this morning but it was around 6 am and I live alone. I signed in to my favorite site Dlist and read an ad posted like ten minutes ago from a guy wanting to suck early. I sent him a msg with my address and a pic of my morning wood and he replied back that he would be there in ten minutes.
I am twenty seven, six foot five and weigh about two hundred pounds. I work fifty to sixty hours a week and in between that I exercise and eat good. I have had a few serious relationships with women and for the most part consider them more work than reward. So probably three years ago now while wandering the web I found this site with ads and found it amazing that there were so many wanting to suck. I think in the first week I had four guys over and every one of them sucked on me until I told them to stop. No woman has ever done that, one and done every time.
My doorbell rang and I got up out of bed naked and still semi hard but I played with myself a bit on the way down. I looked thru the peep hole and saw a gray haired smallish man standing there with black framed glasses on and opened the door letting him inside.
He looked right down at my cock and said something like how perfect it looked then went right to his knees. Guy was in the door five seconds and already had his lips around my cock head sucking. I stood there for a minute letting him do his thing then told him that I prefer to lay down so follow me.
I led him to my bedroom and laid back down on the bed, he got right up there and went back at it telling me my cock was the best by far this month. I told him great and that I love my balls licked and sucked on too and down he went doing it.
He took his time licking and edging me a bit but finally kept sucking until I came which he really seemed to enjoy, not a drop went passed his lips. He went back to my balls and gave them some more attention before asking me if I wanted more sucking. I told him absolutely and he went right at it giving me a great second one over like half an hour of licking and sucking.
He got up off the bed and I followed him back to the front door, my cock still tingling from all the attention. He turned and looked down at it again then leaned right over and gave it like twenty good sucks, he got back up and told me anytime I want to be sucked just message him.
I had him over that first time about two years ago now and there have been weeks where he does not miss a day and there have been days he has come over multiple times. When I started working from home full time he asked me after several weeks if I just want him over every morning around seven and I told him sure. He walks to my house and told me that he lives like two miles away and enjoys walking, the guy is a master cock sucker to say the least.
He asked me one day after probably two months if I had anyone else coming over and doing this for me and at the time I did have a few guys come by on days I wanted multiple sucking done. He told me to just message him and he will come over telling me just about everyday all he does is walk and do yard work. One weekend shortly after he mentioned this I told him that I wanted him to come over as much as he wanted and do it. I do not remember how many times I came that weekend but I do remember on Sunday afternoon he stayed for like three hours and just licked and sucked on me constantly while a game was on. When he left my entire cock head and like an inch lower was red and I told him I had never experienced anything like it but I think I might be to sore for anymore today. He left around six that day and messaged me around nine asking if I changed my mind because he wanted to come over. I told him sure why not but be gentle, he came over and just licked me until I was hard then lubed me up and slowly stroked me while licking and sucking my balls. I laid there thinking this guy is absolutely fucking amazing and watched as he began licking the cum off my torso.
He told me to have a great night and see you in the morning and I truly did not know if I would be able to take it.
I write all of this because part of me wants to find a woman and get serious and the other part tells me that if I lose this guy my days of steady suck sessions will be gone forever. All the guy ever wants is some water and swallow my cock, he is like sixty five and in great shape. I have rarely turned him down for coming over and he has never been weird about anything.

2 months ago

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    • Jeez, where do you live, Fagville? Gayton?

    • In the real, unspoken of world, fool.

    • Homoburg

    • Fucking faggots!

    • Getting my cock sucked is so much better by a woman. I have no interest in a "man" pussy

    • Have you had a guy swallow your cock? Otherwise, you are not really comparing.

    • I love easy going straight guys like you that will let me get on my knees, worship their cock with my mouth, and swallow their hot cum. I hope I find a guy like you to service regularly once I am retired. Best wishes.

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