Where does it get squirted

Question for girls or the guys.
So if a girl is cheating on her boyfriend or husband with a black man and they are having sex for first time, girls where do you allow this black man to cum?
And Guys reading where do you perfer this black man to cum if your girl/ wife is cheating on you without you knowing.

A.) Inside that pussy
B.) Cum in that mouth
C.) On the face
D.) In the ass
E.) On them Tits
F.) On her back
G.) Or an unsaid option

1 month ago


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    • I want multiple black men to cum in my wife's pussy every day. I wouldn't mind being made into a cocksucker for them either. But it'd be hot to raise several black babies when we're both super white. Let everyone in town know my wife services black cock despite being married.

    • Fortunately the black men will kill you.

    • I want my wife to suck them until he cums in her mouth and then when he is hard again I want him to um inside her pussy. When she gets home, I like to taste his cum on her lips and feel how slippery his cum makes her cunt as I cum quickly inside her.

    • I went out with this black guy at work, but I didn't let my boyfriend know. I thought this guy was nice and everything. But he took me to this hooker motel and made me watch as he ass-fucked and came up a hooker's ass and she shit the cum in my mouth. When I got back to my boyfriend I was covered in shit and cum and blood, since the guy also beat me for fun. I guess it's ok cause it's reparations and everything.

    • Always in her fertile PUSSY!

    • Yeahhhh makes for better abortions that way!

    • I would cum in her pussy got to admit I have sent about 20 women home full of my jiz. But its happened to me also karmas a bitch

    • —Mahatma Gandhi

    • Back when my wife was young and single she loved it squirted on, E) On her chest. She is still convinced that the many cum dumps on her chest is why she has the best natural rack in her family.

      Now, my wife ONLY like it squirted in A) inside the pussy.

      My preference for what is going on behind my back would be to mix it up among all the choices and don't forget to use it as hair gel too.

    • Cum on her feet!

    • It gets rid of athletes feet 😂

    • I have a large cock, my wife was very happy, she moved out of our bedroom months ago over some bs. Now my girlfriend is very happy with it. My wife is pissed now I have a girlfriend. If she leaves I still have the girlfriend. I'm not a pig, I'm 61 and far from wanting to hang up sex. Guys gals never lose that that,its important to keep close. I don't fuck, I get into my partner. The BBC thing is a myth. Male penis sizes has nothing to do with race. Its like me saying a have a large cock because I'm German???

    • Shoe and dick size: At 18 i got a pair all leather designer wingtip shoes, size 11. I'll have these for life. I wore them too oven and had the soles replaced twice. My fav sport was fucking my hot college girlfriend Sally. At 21 I wore them to a wedding and they were way too tight, WTF? So I get a size 12 shoes. Fucking Sally with my fav brad Trojan Condoms -- I'd get the 36 pack. Sally and I split after college and so does the size 12 shoes and the Trojan Condoms. I now wear size 13 shoe and Only Trojan XXLs fit around my fat penis, but it's been fat since 16 and Trojan is just putting XXL on their label -- a marketing thing. Right? At the 10 year reunion Sally and I hook up. "Holy fuck -- your penis got huge -- take pills or something?"

    • Germans eat meats & fruits that enhances penis size.

    • On my pussy mound ...

    • Jerrybob1221@yahoo.com Let me see your pussy

    • Why, then you will want to fuck me? No way!!

    • Fuck off Jerrybob ass hole.

    • Show him your fucking pussy already!

    • They usually get it on top of their head cuz he’s hanging from a tree

    • For the win!

    • When I fuck married white women Im fucking her as man times as possible so we do all of the above multiple times

    • You obviously take great care to be sure ALL your mwf partners are both covered in cum AND filled with cum when you send the bitches home to their pitiful husbands. OMG!!!

    • You never even fucked anything

    • Fake

    • I fucked your mom

    • All of the above

    • From exesperance I would say tits but that ain't going to happen. She will let him cum deep in her pussy come home and don't say a word let you clean it up you not knowing. Then when she mad or splitting up bring it up and say yeah that night I came home late was full of black negro jizz and you cleaned it up bitch

    • ABDE - Yes, but why always white men? My hubby can guess when I did it with other men. He says I carry their smell with me when I return home ... He always fucks my 'still wet and warm pussy' after that!

    • Jerrybob1221@yahoo.com let’s talk about our slutty wife and trade pictures

    • My ex when I worked nights would be slippery with cum and horny as hell when I went to bed. I would slide my cock into that slippery mess and add my own cum. If she wasn't a loony, I would of kept that going

    • Maybe what's in there diet stinky cum or something

    • It don't matter where our GFs or us want the nut delivered, everybody know a black man will just cum whenever and wherever he want to. But he will totally send her home smelling like negro and semen. And the woman will make us eat it all up . . . . while calling us a "bitch". And then they will have the black guysphone us and smugly ask if we enjoyed it as much as the GF did.

    • Same place as the white guys.

    • If my girlfriend is cheating on me I would say ass! That way when I kick her ass out the door it hurts more.

    • Exactly

    • Yeah boy!!

    • Go ahead and cum.

    • Face

    • Pussy

    • Yeah. specially if she's ovulating. (You know why!)

    • Yuppers to have those beautiful black babies

    • So we can have more on welfare

    • Totally true!

    • Mouth

    • Ass

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