I peeped on my stepdaughter naked.

Ever sense my Thirty One year old stepdaughter was eighteen i peeped on her when she was completely alone, unaware and make. I even sniffed her dirty panties and got off to her feminine odor. The first time I peeped on her she was in her old bedroom. I peeked through her old bedroom door hole with my pants down jerking off. I saw her drying off with a towel and I knoticed her tits and she beautiful erect nipples. I then knoticed her tits shaking when she laughing watching TV and I said to myself "OMG". Then I saw her lay down and she was looking outside her window playing with her tits for about fifteen minutes. Then she proceeded rubbing lotion all over her naked skin. I shot out a huge load when i saw her open her legs to where I had one amazing view of her beautiful shaved pussy. I was in heaven especially when she knocked on mine and her moms bedroom door to tell me she was going to take a shower. I waited until she closed the bathroom door then I get up and I would peek through a tiny crack and watch her undress and I could see the refection of her tits on the mirror. I don't regret one bit doing that to her and I still every now and then smell her dirty panties. I love my stepdaugter's ass smell its gets my dick super hard every time and her pussy smell makes me cum.

4 months ago

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    • So have I many times n she loved me perving on her fresh young body. We both walk in on each other in the shower n touch each other at times.. her mum knows n she masturbates whenever we tell her what we do. I even yell her daughter name out during sex

    • Can you take some pics of her young nakedness?

    • Next time I will.

    • Fake cake

    • Not one one bit of what I confessed to is fake.

    • I’d love to sniff the dirty ass of her panties so much, I would beat off so hard while whiffing her pussy and asshole

    • I was doing reno on my house and there was crack between the ceiling and the wall in the bathroom. Ironically I was in the attic above when I noticed I could see into the bathroom. My 25 year old stepdaughter was living with us because she lost her job. She went to take a shower, so I went to the attic. I got more than an eyeful of her nude. I tried to take video but the videos not very good.

    • Please contact me on my email jamesshipley74@gmail.com

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