I peeped on my stepdaughter naked.

Ever sense my Thirty One year old stepdaughter was eighteen i peeped on her when she was completely alone, unaware and make. I even sniffed her dirty panties and got off to her feminine odor. The first time I peeped on her she was in her old bedroom. I peeked through her old bedroom door hole with my pants down jerking off. I saw her drying off with a towel and I knoticed her tits and she beautiful erect nipples. I then knoticed her tits shaking when she laughing watching TV and I said to myself "OMG". Then I saw her lay down and she was looking outside her window playing with her tits for about fifteen minutes. Then she proceeded rubbing lotion all over her naked skin. I shot out a huge load when i saw her open her legs to where I had one amazing view of her beautiful shaved pussy. I was in heaven especially when she knocked on mine and her moms bedroom door to tell me she was going to take a shower. I waited until she closed the bathroom door then I get up and I would peek through a tiny crack and watch her undress and I could see the refection of her tits on the mirror. I don't regret one bit doing that to her and I still every now and then smell her dirty panties. I love my stepdaugter's ass smell its gets my dick super hard every time and her pussy smell makes me cum.

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  • Come on admit you take her panties to suck the cum from her boyfriend!
    Admit you really want the boyfriend! Question do you wear them and fantasize that you are her and you boyfriend is making you suck his cock and fuck you sissy ass? Admit that is true thats the first step in coming out of the closet!

  • Hell no. And for your info she has no man

  • How do you know she has no men? Are you a sick stalker! When she goes out she could be getting a ho-tel room and having sex for money or drugs. Then you chew on all the mens cum she's had.

  • I know she's single asswipe.

  • Thats what she tells you. Then she is out at night on Colfax ave selling herself out. She is sucking and fucking in both holes for some crack and meth. Comes home and you steal her dirty panties and enjoy all that cum lube and spit all over them. But you know that and thats what you love about those panties. Come on just admit you are a cum loving slutty sissy fag. You can't hide that and you can't lie worth a shit.

  • 1. Its no no lie. 2. I know the truth cause I spoke it. And 3. Its you thay can't lie worth a shit. And she does not sell herself out numbnuts.

  • Admit you want the panties with mens cum in them. You lick the cum off and then wear them pretending to be a woman dreaming you could suck and fuck their cocks all night long.

    For real you must have a very sad and extremely lonely life if all you can get is your step daughters panties. Your wife won't fuck you anymore! No woman will even look at you! You couldn't get laid if you had a $1000 wrapped around you neck. Oh wait you can't even get $10.00 with only $4.89 in your checking account.
    Really is life that bad you have to resort to the step daughters panties!
    I would blow my brains out if I was in your shoes. Maybe you should think about that.

  • Can you take some pics of her young nakedness?

  • You are a Queer fag who sucks the cum from her panties! What do you want with pictures of her

  • Next time I will.

  • What suck his dick?

  • Are you trying say you are a fag?

  • I love tits and hard nipples. I hope you get to fuck her some day!

  • As long as they are on men right sissy fag

  • Wow you finally are coming out of the closet good for you.

  • Believe me I want to fuck her.

  • You want to suck her boy friends cock! Come on Admit it queer fag.

  • Fake cake

  • Not one one bit of what I confessed to is fake.

  • 100% fake

  • 100% truth

  • Come on sick fuck! Tell the truth! You love sniffing her panties only after her boyfriend fucks her and soaks those panties with his cum. Be honest fag.

  • 1. Shes single. 2 she has no man and 3. Everything I said on here is true so you can either believe it or just stay off here and leave me alone cause you are really sounding annoying.

  • I'm a cry baby Leave me alone I'm not a baby!! Fucking loser!!

  • Your the fucking loser grow up.

  • Quit picking on me I'm not a baby.

  • Different people are replying here. Since you posted a sick fucking story you deserved everything they said. I'm saying you are an asshole it you do that!

  • More fake stories here! Calling bull shit on this one.

  • Fun I am no fake and my story confession is not a fake. To I don't b******* about my life about what I've done and what I have not done. 3 the only reason why you're calling my story bulshit is because you never had the guts to try anything like I did your self. And for don't judge people stories real quick like that until you been in my shoes or anyone else's shoes that have teeth on their stepdaughters naked and yes I'm calling you out calling you a fake and a bullshiter if you don't listen to the story

  • Cry baby cry!!!

  • No doubt it is fake! No woman in her right mind would marry a loser like you. So there is no step daughter.

  • Yes there is. People like me never make shit up like this if it was not true you fake ass wannabe.

  • You are nothing but bull shit so everything you write is made up from bull shit. ASSHOLE

  • Its not bullshit its 100% real

  • It is fake as it gets

  • As real as a 3 dollar bill. It's paper but worthless like your story.

  • You are the worthless one thinking stupid shit like that fake as loser.

  • Fake cake loser cry baby cry.😢

  • You are the one who cries like a bitch ass baby

  • Shut the fuck up momma's boy. Your step daughter's pimp bitched slapped you and you cried all the way back to mommies house!

  • Its your dumbass that is a momma's boy.

  • No I'm not the lonely old man that is a loser who's wife won't fuck him. Stuck to being a sick peeping tom and stealing panties to sniff because thats the only way you can get off. You are the sick fuck that is doing that and I'm the guy who is stating thats gross and nasty and totally fucked up. Now get some help or blow your brains out sick fuck! Either way I don't care. Plus if you wife or step daughter caught you and killed you! I would help pay for their legal defense!

  • I’d love to sniff the dirty ass of her panties so much, I would beat off so hard while whiffing her pussy and asshole

  • I was doing reno on my house and there was crack between the ceiling and the wall in the bathroom. Ironically I was in the attic above when I noticed I could see into the bathroom. My 25 year old stepdaughter was living with us because she lost her job. She went to take a shower, so I went to the attic. I got more than an eyeful of her nude. I tried to take video but the videos not very good.

  • How do you remodel a pop up trailer? Change the canvas cover? Loser

  • Wow how did you manage to come up with the brains for that lame ass comnent. Your the fucking loser.

  • Look in the mirror and see the loser who can't get laid and has to be a peeping tom and steal panties to sniff. But admit it! You only love the one with her boyfriends cum in them. Admit that you are a sissy cum loving fag!

  • Please contact me on my email jamesshipley74@gmail.com

  • You are a sick fuck! Hope she and you wife catches you beats the shit out of you! Then drags you sorry ass down to the police station.

  • You're jealous

  • What of a fucking virgin loser that couldn't get laid if you tied a $1000 dollars around your neck. All you can do is to be a peeping tom and jerk off to what you see! Ok loser!

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