Her first time

Was married over 40 years, we always read Penthouse Letters and Penthouse Forum, I told my wife I would love a threesome with another woman, she said she did. We never could get 1 together even though she had been with a friend of mines mom once before we were married. So all the reading we did was WMW and she would practically eat my face after I went downtown.

These conversations went on for the first 3 years of our marriage. I started getting turned on to the idea of her possibly having a threesome with a friend of mine but never knew how to approach the subject. She always said she was not interested in another guy. So I started telling her things I thought about, which in a nonchalant way was us doing a threesome with a guy lived with us, not coming straight out with it.. I would tell her to tie me on the bed get me all hot then go downstairs for a half hour then come up see where we could get. She never caught on that I never mentioned getting dressed knowing he was downstairs.

I was working for my dad 1 weekend on the side, the guy I was working with while we sitting in the van, started a conversation about how he want to see 2 girls together, and his wife was willing but didn't know anyone and it was not like,broadcast news. I said you know my wife wants to be with a girl, but not made known to all our friends or family. Then he suggested we go to a drive-in movie get some beer and double date see where we could go from there. Our luck it started raining we had to leave early so we went back to their house to play cards. We got there and Rummy was boring and he suggested Strip Poker. My wife as always with me and our roommate said on paper, but old dude said no we could play for real, She hem-hawed around and his wife finally told my wife I will if you will. We started and it was strip this strip that we were down to pants and underwear, when the girls were down to panties. So the guy says ok girls I've always wanted to see 2 girls make love, if you lose this hand what's up. The girls looked at each other and went in the other room talked headed upstairs. We followed them and watched till they both had orgasms. Then the girls want nice stiffies to ride, Me with my wife him with his, and we proceeded to screw the night away in the same bed with the girls holding hands.

The next time we were together He said he was going to Fuck my wife to death, she looked at him said you think so, yeah he said, so after we played around and the girls were together, he wanted to go downtown on my wife so I went on his. Then he got up freaked out, if we went this far there was a chance I would be screwing his wife and he could tell I was better than him, his wife would throw stones at him after, I'd say that fear thing. She wanted to watch her hubby with my wife as much as I did.

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