Secret voyeurism of my wife

I've written a few stories of my younger life single or married. This particular story is very true and it's now been a few years ago. My first wife was a virgin and it was quite apparent our first night. I fucked her brains out and boy was she tight. After that night we got it going and she really got to enjoy sex maybe more than me sometimes.
We had been married about 10 years. We moved to a small rural Town that was quite quaint but I found out after a few years there were some kinky things some of my neighbors enjoyed.We had an older home big windows, which we didn't feel needed shades so we put sheer drapes which my wife liked. I was out in the back yard one summer night letting the dog do her stuff for the night. apparently the person in my yard didn't see me because it was pretty dark and late. My wife had gone to the bedroom to undress while I took care of the dog. This person who didn't see me crept up on our roof via the trelllis on the back porch. Don't ask me why I didn't say anything, even my dog didn't bark. That told me she knew who it was. Anyway he crept up to the bedroom window and was watching my wife undress. I assume that was it at this time. He watched and soon I saw him pull his cock out and start to jerk off. Now I'm sort of turned on by this. I watched till he came and then slid down the trellis and left. I saw enough of him to finally recognize who it was.
I've been into voyeurism since maybe I was 12. Watched girls in a private school take baths unkknown, peeped into dorm or vedroom window for years watching even older women undress and sometimes have sex with hubby. I came back in the house and was not sure if I wanted to tell the wife. I sat on it for a few days, and I noticed this neighbor came over most every night for the show. I being who I am decided to have a chat with the guy. The following night he came, I came out of the shadows and told him I know where and what your doing. He got real frightened and tried to apologize. I stopped him and said no big deal but you need to satisify my urges too.
He asked me what I meant. Told him he had a cute wife and daughter teen. I asked if he minded if I had the chance to watch them would he mind? He stood there fo a minute and said ya I guess so as long as no one finds out. I said which one of us will squeel. He laughed and we agreed to play the game so we both could watch each others wife or teen and jerk off too.
I let him watch my wife and for a bit of extra excitement I went in, played with my wife on the bed and fingered her pussy and ate her out. My dick was hard as a rock knowing someone was watching me do it. Next day my neighbor came over and told me he hadn't cum so much as he did last night. He also told me he didn't realize my cock was so big. Told him it's not something I advertise. The following Saturday my wife went on a retreat with some women. My neighbor told me when his wife and daughter usually went to bed. He lived in a 1 level home across the street. I also had a panty fetish so since my wife was gone, kids in bed, I put on my wifes sheer pink panties, put only a dark tee shirt on and sneaked over to watch his wife. To my surprise when I got there, my neighbor was waiting for me. He told me he had never peeked on his wife or daughter and it really got his fantasy going. He also said he wanted to see my big cock up close. I din't care and since it was dark, he couldn't see my panties. He asked me to get up close and watch his wife undress. She was really hot, wore a red bra, red thong when she undressed. I got hard soon and my panties were getting tight. All of a sudden I felt my neighbors hands on my ass. He soon recognized I was wearing undies. He caressed my ass as I watched his wife undo her bra and let those beautiful tits flip out hard nipples and all. Now with her tits, his hands on my ass I was a complete horned out case. His wife walked around the bedroom in just her thong, her legs were awesome with aperfect ass. My neighbor put his hands on my pantied cock, and I was throbing. He fondled me and then pulled my panties and jerked me off. I shot cum all over the side of the house and had to bite my lip not to scream. His wife pulled her panties off and she had the sweetest pussy all shaved. I sat there and regained my breath and he said next time I will tell wife to masturbate for you if I can suck your cock. I said no problem, but I need to get my wife on this program. He said his wife would love to seduce your wife and get her into voyeurism and flashing. He said his wife got him hooked that is why he sneaks to see other women. We met again the next day and set a plan. This will be continued.

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    • Voyeurism is exciting. I too have watched my neighbors having sex in the bathroom. Their teen daughter bathing. His wife had big boobs and hairy pussy.

    • Beautiful day in the Northeast. We have a nice private patio facing the sun. Two hot ladies, my wife and neighbor Pam, are sunning themselves topless. I'm not suppose to tell her husband her top is off, "you've seen one, you seen them all, -- you don't mind." Yes and no, She right about I don't mind. Time for me to refresh their spritzers. They both rock summer strapless cleavage baring dresses.

    • It's fun seeing someone elses wife or dau naked and unaware you're watching. My neighbor and I had quite a few years of voyeuring.

    • Even though there are some iffy parts to this story, particularly the uncurious dog, I believe the OP is a voyeur. He has an eye for the details we voyeurs look for. Reminds me of a story I posted a while back that was taken down, immediately, because the peeping subject was a twelve year old girl. I was fifteen, at the time, and my peeping partner was fourteen. We got naked as we peeped, and jerked each other off. So, the OP's premise isn't as crazy as it might sound.

    • Not really fake, my dog is not a barker unless she didn't know you.

    • But your dog would run up to that person, and he did say it was a stranger. My dogs would be on him like stink on shit. Plus You see some climbing on your house and don't do nothing about that knowing you have other people in the house? The least someone would do is yell at them or dial 911. It goes from a peeping Tom to him wearing panties and getting stroked off by another man. Fake as all hell.

    • We lived in a small New England ,Maine town. their lifestyle was very different than what I grew up around near Philly. If you haven't lived in very rural type towns, you know your neighbors. If it was threatening, I had the goods on him if I needed to do anything. If you follow the drift of this story I had him by the balls if he didn't cooperate. Just a truthful rebuttal.

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