Bond fire night

My fiance and i been together for quite some time. We are both 30. She is beautiful, 38dd tits, thick thighs and thick curvy booty. One night we invited friends over for drinks, food, fireworks and bondfire. We all had a great time. Afterwards after the party it was just my fiance, me and her old school friend Dante who was a black man. We shared a few drinks. My fiance texted me then saying "i know this will sound odd but im kinda horny wanna fuck" i texted back sure. She texted back "ok, just curious what your thoughts on a 3 some with Dante?" I really wasnt into that idea. But i figure i give it a try.
Long story short we brought it up to Dante. He was cool with it. We went to bedroom. We all started getting undressed. Dante drops his pants he had a pretty big dick. Thicker and bigger than mine erect. I was totally nervous. So we all start doing stuff. Lets say it didnt end well for me. I had so much trouble getting hard for this. So i just kinda stood to the side playing with my limp dick as i watch Dante and my fiance go at it. He had a great shape body, very fit himself. He was doing positions to her that i could never do. She orgasm few times. It was some what of a turn on to me. He had her in doggy position yelled out im going to cum. My fiance quickly replied cum inside. Dante came hard as he shot load inside my fiance. It was a good night.

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  • You just lost her my friend. You were in the room but you might as well have not been there. They were into each other and to them you didn't exist.
    I'm guessing she has done this before with this guy but never told you. If you marry her you will never know who she is with or when it will happen but rest assured it will. i hope you can take it.

  • Why the hell do people always say didn't happen. I've fucked plenty of married women if cucks like this like it and want to confess it let them. I don't understand some people.

  • Fatties love black guys. Also this is a fantasy ans didn't happen

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

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