My girlfriend made me do it

My girlfriend has a friend that hasn't had sex in 2 years. She confided in my girlfriend she was getting desperate but wouldn't have sex with any guy she didn't know. My girlfriend offered me a chance to fuck her friend, as long as she could watch. my girlfriend ain't no beauty and neither is her friend. I said if your into me doing her I'll do it. Her friend was eager, we made a date and she came over smelling fresh. She sucked my dick and I ate her pussy, my girlfriend would moan in lust watching us. I went to put a condom on to fuck her but she said she wasn't getting pregnant and wanted me to cum in her. This ordeal was going on for about 40 minutes when I said I was going to cum. Her friend was already cumming and screaming cum in me over and over, so I did. I pulled out my girlfriend put her finger in her friends cunt and said you better man up and clean her out, eat her pussy clean. So I ate my cum out of her, my girlfriend pushed me aside and finished cleaning her friends pussy. A week later we had an all out threesome, apparently my girlfriend loves eating pussy and her friend is also into women now. my girl said I can fuck her if I want but I have to let her watch. I'm getting so much sex from these two that I said no sex to both of them when they came after me last time. I told them to give me a few days. OK my girl said that's not going to stop us, come on I want you to watch us, these two are sex crazy 26 year old sluts.


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  • Everyone and me would be delighted and blahhed out to win millions in lotteries. more then a revenge but a ritual to love of god to live well.

  • I love dating ugly chicks. They work harder, are willing to do more in bed, are open to bringing their girlfriends in for a 3-some, and have even let me fuck their teen daughters to keep me from breaking up with them. They don't mind being degraded, are used to being taken for granted, and never complain if you slap them on the ass when you're fucking them doggy style.

  • Your complaint is???

  • You're full of shit lol

  • Your very lucky man

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