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I'm in my late fifties and began looking at older big titted saggy women especially over seventy. Looking at them makes me horny and cock hard. I grew an interest in Pat a cashier that works at a store I often go to. She's a grey haired full body woman and that makes my shaft hard seeing her huge saggy breasts resting on her big waist line. She caught me glaring at her fun bags and smiled at me. Then I don't what came over me, but I jokingly said to her the next time I saw her, " I wouldn't mind help carry those heavy bags you got." and she snickered. That's when I confessed to her I wanted to go to bed with her and expected her her to say, "Get lost! " Instead she said, " A nice guy like yourself wants to go in the sack with a big old gal like me. Thanks for your confession! " To my surprise she told me to pick her up when she finished her shift because she desires some naughty fun from an easy going going younger gent.
I wasn't aware how bold and open-minded she is until we was alone. While driving to my place, Pat started massaging my privates. Once inside my place she let me grope her as she pulled off my pants and played with my dick. "I haven't had a nice dick in years, Babe! " I pulled out her big nipple wide breasts and sucked them hard. She undressed and laid down on the couch letting her fun bags hang over her side as she rubbed my shaft over her big belly then guided it to her mouth licking the precum and bobbing her head on it. "You never new I was such a slut Babe! This old gal pleasing a guy twenty years younger than her and I'm enjoying it! " I straddled on her letting and telling her to take my cock in that mouth as I reached back and squeezed her fat belly.
I pulled out and downwards lifting her tits together and pumping them. I began licking and kissing her belly and she pushed my head head between her thick thighs "Eat me!" she yelled out. That cunt is big and puffy with loose hanging lips. She enjoyed me sucking and pulling on those lips that she wet my face with her fluid. We swapped position and she guided my shaft in her and let me slap her tits and play with her oversize nipples. She began to play with her clit. She yelled out "Yes, yes, yes, fill me! " I exploded and gave her every drop of my cum.
She made me her sex toy. Comes over and begs me to use her anyway I wish. I'm her new found play toy.

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    • My wife will be 70 later this year and she is surprised by how many younger men want to have sex with her. I told her that it would be okay with me if she accepted some of their offers. She didn't want to do it because she was concerned that someone we know would find out. So last year while we were in Florida a man approached her in the grocery store. Much to my surprise she walked in with a 50ish man carrying her groceries. She told me to put away the groceries and then to come join them in the bedroom.
      When I got to the bedroom, they were already naked and my wife was kissing the guy. I watched and my wife turned to me and I kissed her. She kneeled down and took his erect cock in her mouth. She worked on it for a few minutes and stood up and I kissed her again tasting the cock that had just been in her mouth. My wife laid down on the bed and motioned to the guy to get between her legs. I watched as this guy that she just met stick his large dick into her. They fucked for only a few minutes before he came inside my wife. As soon as she felt him coming, she had her orgasm. After he got off my wife she told me to get down there and clean her up. I did as she asked and I had my orgasm while sucking his come out of her. Then he guy fucked her again for much longer this time and my wife had two orgasms before her came in her again. He dressed and I walked him our. I when back to the bedroom and fucked my wife again. We repeated this twice more with this man and then with six others before we headed home from our vacation.
      My wife and I keep talking about the men that fucked her and we both can't wait to go to Florida next year. My wife said that she wants even more men to fuck her next year.

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